How to choose an IAQ consultant in Ottawa

Whether you want to improve your commercial property’s indoor air quality, or you want to deal with an indoor air quality issue in your Ottawa home, the possible solutions you can try are endless. To make things less daunting for your commercial or residential property, hiring the leading indoor air quality consultant in Ottawa is the best decision.

With a host of indoor air quality consultants in Ottawa and the surrounding areas, it might be challenging to find the best. Luckily, this comprehensive Ottawa guide provides tips and tricks to make life easier for Ottawa residents. Check out this guide to discover how to choose the leading indoor air quality consultant in Ottawa.

Indoor Air Quality Issues That can Occur in Residential or Commercial Properties

According to Mold Busters, the quality of indoor air quality in your residential or commercial Ottawa property can be affected by various factors. These leading indoor air quality consultants have identified these common indoor air quality issues in residential and commercial properties.


The indoor concentration of pollutants has increased over the last couple of years. The common pollutants that occur in residential and commercial properties include:

  • Mold and other biological agents.
  • Natura compounds, including mold, pet dander, and radon.
  • Ozone from air cleaners.
  • The use of asbestos, lead, and pesticides.
  • The combustion of products that produce combustion byproducts like carbon monoxide and particulate matter.
  • Volatile organic compounds from various products and materials.

Although some indoor air quality issues originate from outdoor sources, most problems come from the indoors. Here are various indoor air quality issues that come from the indoors:

Combustion Sources

Combustion products and appliances in indoor settings are one of the leading indoor air quality issues. Heating and cooking appliances, coal, wood, tobacco, and fireplaces release harmful byproducts like particulate matter and carbon monoxide into the indoor environment.

Cleaning Supplies

The cleaning supplies you use in your home or office can also cause indoor air quality issues. Insecticides and paints also affect the quality of indoor air due to their volatile organic compounds. These harmful compounds are released into the indoor setting and can cause various health issues.

Building Materials

Another common indoor air quality issue that affects commercial and residential properties is the building materials. Degrading materials like fibers and asbestos can be released from the building into the indoor setting and cause several problems. Raw materials like pressed wood products can also produce harmful compounds like chemical off-gassing. Besides, building materials also harbor natural pollutants like pet dander, mold, and radon that can affect air quality in your home or office.

Hiring a consultant with a track record in Ottawa asbestos removal will not only ensure the air quality is improved but also that any asbestos is safely removed.

Outdoor Pollutants

Outdoor pollutants are another issue that affects the quality of air in your home and office. Dangerous compounds from the outdoors can get into your home or your office through open windows and doors. They can also get into your home and office through cracks in the floors and walls. Ventilation systems and foundations also provide a passage for outdoor pollutants into your home. Radon is an example of an outdoor pollutant that can find its way into your home and office through cracks in the walls and floor.

Polluted smoke from chimneys can also enter into other homes and offices in the neighborhoods and pollute the air. It can re-enter your home and office and cause pollution. Volatile chemicals in contaminated groundwater and soil can get into your home and office through cracks in the structure.

You might also inadvertently carry contaminated dirt and soil on your shoes and clothing into your office or home and pollute indoor air.

Besides, volatile chemicals in water supplies can also find their way into your home and office through water sources like the taps and showers.

The air exchange rate also determines the quality of indoor air in your home or office. The building’s design, operational parameters, and construction influence the air exchange rate.

Climatic conditions also affect the quality of indoor air in your office or home. Weather changes influence behavior. For instance, most people choose to open windows and use humidifiers, heaters, and air conditioners according to the climate.

Tips for Choosing the Best IAQ Consultant in Ottawa

The best way of dealing with indoor air quality issues in your home or your office is by hiring the best indoor air quality consultant in Ottawa. However, identifying the best indoor air quality consultant in Ottawa can be a daunting task due to the endless decisions you will have to make. Here are vital tips for choosing the best IAQ consultant:

Look for Experience

When looking for the best indoor air quality consultant in Ottawa and the surrounding areas, it is vital to think about the level of experience. You are likely to get your money’s worth when you work with an IAQ consultant who has been helping Ottawa residents for quite some time now. Such an expert has developed extensive skills and knowledge by serving Ottawa residents. It is best to check the record of the consultant you have in mind before making the final decision.

Consider Training and Accreditation

Indoor air quality consultants are required to go through training before been certified and licensed. The training gives them the skills to solve various indoor air quality issues and maintain safety during a project. Hiring a certified and accredited indoor air quality consultant guarantees results and safety. Ask the consultant to provide proof of certification to be sure. It would also be wise to discover if the consultant works with accredited laboratories and uses accredited equipment.

Ask for Referrals and Recommendations

It will help to ask for referrals and recommendations from your fellow Ottawa residents. Get in touch with your friends, family, colleagues to identify the IAQ consultant they work with. Asking other business owners, school heads, and church leaders will also help. You can also check the local business listings to find the best IAQ consultant.


Various issues affect indoor air quality in homes and offices. Hiring the leading IAQ consultant is the best way of solving indoor air quality issues.