Good ReadsHow to choose the best baby formula for your little one

How to choose the best baby formula for your little one

How to choose the best baby formula for your little one

Baby formulas are considered to be the best alternatives for breast milk, designed specifically for infants to ensure their timely growth and development. So many young mothers are not able to breastfeed because of different reasons and they definitely worry if the baby formula will enrich a little one with all the necessary nutrients. The answer is yes if you will find the best one, which will not harm your baby but only benefit him or her. Not all the formulas can be suitable for your loved one, so you should be careful and endowed with information while choosing it. So you need to know some main facts about bottle-feeding in general and take into account some tips on how to find the best baby formula. So read this information down below.

Learn about organic and non-organic formulas

Nowadays, all organic products are gaining more and more popularity. No wonder why, because people started to appreciate their health more and they are ready to pay more in order to not to harm themselves. The same goes for kids as parents want to provide them with all the healthiest and best. So organic baby formula is a good choice. Organic formula manufacturers create their products due to high standards and strict rules. They are not allowed to include antibiotics, pesticides, GMOs, hormones, preservatives and other adverse ingredients in the formula's composition. Animals and plants are grown without any synthetic chemicals, that’s why they are considered pure and mostly safe for babies. Apart from that, organic formulas are as close to breast milk as possible, especially European ones that have certification of the highest quality.

There is a variety of organic baby formulas on the market that you can choose from. Holle, HiPP, Lebenswert, Kendamil, Loulouka and others are among them. They have a lot of benefits such as wide availability, great content and ease of use. So be sure you will make the best choice while taking an organic baby formula. If you don’t have the possibility to buy European certified baby formula, look for some conventional formulas but carefully consider its content. Even though you buy high quality European one you need to understand what ingredients are good for your child and what are not. So read about that in the next paragraph.

Look for the most important ingredients and avoid harmful ones

Sadly but even some of the organic baby formulas can include elements that could be harmful for your little one. Your task is to be familiar with some of the most useful and harmful ingredients and choose properly. Of course, different baby formulas have different ingredients. But some of them must be present. You can find proteins, healthy fats, vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc, Copper, Iodine, Sodium, Potassium, Chloride and others among them. These nutrients should be included in the composition to make the baby formula beneficial for your little one.

You can also find some other ingredients on the list which can be quite harmful for babies. Here are some common elements that you should avoid while choosing a baby formula. Corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup and other sugars and sweeteners can provoke diabetes. DHA and ARA, neurotoxin, palm oil, heavy metals, pesticides should also be avoided. It is obvious that hormones and antibiotics are extremely harmful. They are quite common in dairy-based baby formulas as manufacturers use them for agriculture. So choose organic baby formulas which are free of these two ingredients to prevent some health issues.

Explore your child’s peculiarities and choose the right type of baby formula

It is so important to understand that every child is unique and has its own needs. There is no one perfect formula for all the babies so it’s up to you to consider your baby’s reaction and peculiarities of the organism. It might take some time to find the perfect one. So if your child’s reaction is negative, don’t waste your time and switch into another formula.

Baby formulas are quite different in their composition, country of origin, price policy and functions. So you need to understand some basic types of baby formulas. There are cow’s milk-based formulas, soy formulas and specialized formulas. The first one is the most popular and common as cow’s milk is a good alternative to breast milk and the right balance of all the nutrients make the formula easier to digest. Most babies really enjoy consuming it, but some just need something more delicate or are unable to take it because of milk intolerance. So this way babies may need soy-based formulas that don’t contain lactose. It can be helpful for some babies but the latest studies found that children who are allergic to lactose may also have a negative reaction to soy-based one. Specialized formulas are specifically designed for babies who have certain health issues. There is a wide range of formulas that can deal with different disorders such as reflux, spitting, diarrhea, allergies and others. For example, Holle baby formulas are quite different and you can find one that will be suitable for your child even among one brand’s formulas. Moreover, baby formulas are made specifically for different stages of life. So be sure you choose the formula that will be appropriate for your child’s needs.

Consult a professional

If you are a young parent, you will definitely need some pieces of advice on how to choose the perfect formula for your little one. It's great that nowadays there are so many sources where you can find useful and verified information. Use blogs of experts on the Internet who share good tips about baby feeding and consult doctors. Most of them recommend cow’s milk-based formulas. But when it comes to some special conditions you will need some help. With first signs of food allergies, breathing problems, coughing, vomiting or any other adverse reaction go to the doctor. A professional has wider experience and can realize what problem your baby has and how you can overcome it. So pay close attention to your little one and find the best choice for him or her.

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