How to Cut Back on Medical Expenses Without Neglecting Your Health (and Appearance)

As in the past, the possible upcoming recession is already taking its toll on us, at least psychologically. People all around Canada are starting to restrain themselves and cut back on expenses, devoting much thought to the financially unclear future. However, are they doing it efficiently and productively? Where and how should you cut back these days? In many cases, people have so many expenses and are so busy in their daily life that they may become oblivious to what is essential to them – and more importantly, what isn’t.

Tightening your belt is always a challenge, but the key is knowing what to focus on – where and how to do it. This gets even more tricky when talking about someone’s health and well-being. Is there a way to cut back here? The answer is, surprisingly, yes. Let’s take a look at some things you can do to stay healthy and happy, and save a pretty penny along the way.

Sure thing

The first place to examine is your insurance costs. Sadly, most Canadians pay way too much for their medical insurance, simply because they are not aware of the costs. Also, many of us own double insurance policies, which basically provide the same conditions. So, the first thing we recommend is taking a closer look at these policies. Can you find the same coverage for lower prices? Do you have two policies which are basically providing the same benefits? Even if you’re absolutely sure you don’t, we recommend you check it anyway.

Do what makes you feel good about yourself

During times of economic slowdown, it seems natural to cut back on things that are considered “luxuries”, such as entertainment, vacations, etc. Overall, this is a good idea, but you must remember that at the end of the day, you can’t completely remove these things from your daily life (and your budget), because that is also unhealthy for you.

Take aesthetic treatments for example. While getting a face lift or teeth whitening is not a matter of life or death, the joy of feeling good with yourself is also important for your physical and mental health. Furthermore, there are ways to get the treatment you’ve wanted for a while – without paying so much money.

Nowadays, people from all around the world rush to countries such as Turkey and Mexico to have the treatment that will make them feel better, for a reasonable price. “The governments of both these countries have invested tremendous amounts of capital in this market,” explained Dr. Donald Bowman, Medical Director of BelloMed, a leading medical center providing aesthetic treatments worldwide. “As a result, many aesthetics-oriented clinics have opened up as of late. More clinics meant more competition, and that means attractive pricing.”

Aside from that, treatment prices are directly affected by the country in which they are conducted. “These procedures might be expensive in the Western world, since the general cost of living is higher. However, the price of having the same treatments in Turkey or Mexico is probably much more convenient,’ added Bowman.

How cheap is too cheap?

This is not to say, though, that lower prices mean lower quality. Turkey and Mexico have not become aesthetic treatment empires for no good reason. They invested millions not only in encouraging this market but also in making sure clinics offer the best service possible. They enforce strict regulations over these clinics and supervise them closely.

True, despite the close supervision and harsh regulations, some unprofessional clinics do succeed in evading the hands of strict local enforcement. That’s why booking these types of treatments exclusively through well-known and reputed clinics is a must.

“We at Bellomed have connections with only the best clinics in these attractive locations, for those who wish to go through dental procedures, hair transplants, and various cosmetic surgeries,” remarked Dr. Bowman. “Moreover, we take care of everything aesthetic medical tourists need, such as flight and clinic booking, accommodation arrangements, transportation and more. We’re also there to answer any question the patient may have – and I mean any question – so you don’t have to concern yourself with anything besides the treatment.”   

Stay happy, stay healthy

As you can see, it is not too complicated to cut back on some medical costs – and it is a good idea, even not during times of recession. Simply remember to always check your insurance policy, and that cheaper treatments do not necessarily mean inferior quality. Oh, and last but not least – remember that these troubling times are going to pass, and that things on the financial front will get better.