How to keep your customers’ database accurate

Importance of data for organizations

Business organizations have to contact a lot of people for promotion, brand awareness, and email marketing. This data is in the form of names, addresses, and contact numbers. This data must be accurate to save time and effort for the business. Mishandled data causes insult and ill-reputation for the organization. Moreover, it also causes waste of budget in case of delivery to wrong address and person. In this way, accurate database system is necessary for the effective and smooth performance of the organization.

Causes of inaccurate data

Data becomes inaccurate when it is to be changed and modified as in case of change in address, marriages, or updating the other necessary information. Though it is not intentional but causes adverse effects on the operations of the organizations. It is also due to the lack of an inefficient data quality provider which is difficult to operate. Transfer of data from one gadget to another also causes severe issues as columns or rows change.

How do keep data accurate?

It is necessary to keep data up-to-date and all the possible steps should be taken to in this regard. Frequent modification and cross-checking in the form of the audit are necessary to maintain the accuracy of the database. The use of efficient and effective data tools is helpful to manage data easily. These data-quality providers allow the users to manage huge data with less or no effort. These applications are equipped with the necessary options to maintain the accuracy of the customer’s data.

Top data quality providers

Following are some of the best data quality providers that help business organizations to keep the customers' data accurate.

  • Melissa Data: It is considered to be the world's leading data quality provider that has been used by US postal services for the best management of addresses. It also helps to provide adequately formatted addresses.
  • DemandTools: It is the best data management tool for high-quality data. It is considered to be the most useful tool after the workforce that helps to increase the revenue of the organization.
  • RingLead: It is one of the most valuable data-providing tools for duplicating and data normalization. It helps the users by providing better options for the security and management of the data.

Benefits of accurate database

Accuracy shows the interest of people in the work.  Accuracy of data is more useful for the organization to earn reputation and goodwill. Here are some benefits of an accurate database of customers.

  • Customers can be approached confidently for promotion and awareness purposes.
  • Better database management results in a better customer experience.
  • It helps to win the trust and loyalty of the customers.
  • Time is saved as employees do not need to find data when the time arises.


Arrangement, accuracy, and perfection are the surety for the success of a business. Use of accurate data helps the organizations to approach targeted clientele without wasting time and effort. The use of quality data providers is helpful for business organizations to manage data in an effective order to use it efficiently.

Photo: Cristian Dina