How to make your house safer and more tech-friendly?

Home security should be one of your biggest concerns as a homeowner. The good thing is that many new technologies can help you increase overall security while making a step into the future. Even if you don’t have a smart home, you can implement a few things to make your home more tech-friendly.

Today, there are many different devices and systems you can set up to make sure that your home is protected at all times. Stay with us, and we’ll take you through the most practical features that will help you protect your home and belongings even when you are away.

Some High-Tech Security Options to Consider

When it comes to improving overall home security systems, here are a few things that will help you improve it without spending a fortune.

1. New security cameras indoors and outdoors

Many homeowners in the US already own a home security camera system, but most are outdated and low resolution. Most modern cameras are quite affordable, and they offer excellent video quality. The more expensive ones also come with motion sensors, digital zoom, infrared features, and so on.

Most modern options allow you to track everything happening inside and outside your home. Many systems are connected to a local network, allowing you to monitor your home remotely via a mobile app. Don’t forget to install a smart doorbell camera to see who is approaching your home without opening the doors. Additionally, some cameras are highly affordable if you wish to protect your house while also saving money. Among the best camera picks, you can find options that go as low as $24.

2. High-tech alarm systems

Alarm systems are nothing new either, but they have become far more sophisticated. For example, most modern systems don’t alarm the entire neighbourhood but instead call the authorities the moment they detect a threat. That includes break-ins, a fire, or any other danger. The system simply recognizes dangers and informs everyone about what’s going on. If you’re not at home at the moment, it will send you an SMS, email, or some kind of notification to inform you about the issue.

3. Smart locks

Most standard locks that open with a key are easily broken or picked by people who know what they are doing. Even if you have an expensive lock, an average home invader needs only around 30 seconds to break in. That’s why getting a smart lock is a much better option. Instead of a key, you will need a keycard and a passcode to open the locks. That way, you won’t have to hide your key under a flowerpot. Smart locks can also connect to a home network, allowing you to check their status whenever you’re not at home. Furthermore, you can set up temporary codes that allow your neighbours or friends to feed your fish while you’re out on vacation.

4. Smart lights

We all remember the movie “Home Alone,” where Kevin sets up cardboard cutouts to trick thieves into thinking that his home is full of people. Well, smart lights can help you get the same effect no matter how far from home you might be. These lights are designed to deter thieves by lighting up automatically at random moments. That will make your home seem occupied, and most thieves will simply give up the idea of breaking in. Something as simple as that can go a long way in protecting your property.

5. Smart speakers

Many modern smart speakers come with features that will help you increase overall security. For example, Google’s Alexa and Amazon’s Echo have built-in monitoring abilities that are activated by sounds of breaking glass or alarm systems. The speakers can also record conversations allowing you to find out things that can help you track down culprits and make it easier for the police to do their jobs.

6. Secure Your Home Network

Since most of these high-tech devices connect to your home Wi-Fi, it’s a good idea to ensure that your network is protected at all times. While modern devices help prevent physical break-ins, criminals could still gain access by simply hacking your network and taking control of all connected devices.

Apart from installing the latest anti-virus software on your computer, you should also invest in a Virtual Private Network. It can either be installed on your router or individual devices you want to protect. If you currently do not have any smart gadgets improving your home, you are likely to still use computers or smartphones on a daily basis. A VPN app will help you protect your devices by encrypting all information and masking your IP address. Thus, it will be much harder for criminals to retrieve information that travels online. It is another defense system designed to keep your information or, in this case, devices safe from prying eyes.

Use Modern Technologies to Your Advantage

Modern security features are not that expensive, and they provide a few important benefits over traditional options. The biggest benefit is the fact that you’ll always have control over what’s happening in and around your home, even if you’re not there. Use what you can to get an advantage over criminals, and your home will stay safe at all times.

Photo: Gerd Altman, Pixabay