How to modernize your home

Houses all age differently. Some may acquire a certain charm as they see another decade while others quickly begin to feel cumbersome and outdated. Even if you live in a colonial beauty, you will still have to make necessary changes to keep your quality of living modern and comfortable for everyone in the family. Even if you love the elegant charm of a classic design, you can modernize your home to both improve its value and make it more enjoyable to live in. Read on for five ways you can bring your home into the present.

Create More Space with Less Furniture

The minimalism movement that swept across the internet and ironically began to clutter social feeds with endless tips that have merit when it comes to home renovation. In order to make a room feel more spacious, you may not need to address the walls but rather that they hold. Too much furniture, or even pieces that are too large for the space, can make a home feel cramped. Reduce furniture by identifying focal pieces in every room. Reduce clutter by investing in some sleek storage solutions.

Add Modern Technology

A smart fridge, automated blinds and even a home elevator can drastically transform your home's atmosphere. Technology that was once considered futuristic now gives homes a modern and refreshing feel. With Stiltz home elevators, they are highly customizable from interior to exterior, size and installation points. You can naturally integrate new features in a way that makes your home feel true to its style while embracing the convenience of modern technology.

Update Your Countertops

Tile countertops are a telltale sign that a home was built 30 to 40 years ago. Replace yours and you can instantly transform rooms into more stylish, modern renditions. Some popular surface materials for countertops include wood, marble and stone. You can choose which material adds the right balance of texture and color to your space by first considering what theme of decor you'd like each room to have.

Improve Lighting

Replace old bulbs with LED bulbs, which are more eco-friendly, use less energy and has greater utility. Dimmable LEDs and even smart bulbs can be controlled using your phone. While you're addressing your home's lighting, it's also a good idea to consider replacing old light switches with push button or dimmer editions that are more refined and on par with contemporary builds.

Swap Carpet for Hardwood

Carpeting was once considered a sign of wealth and luxury, but it has lost popularity due to its required maintenance and expensive upkeep. All carpet will naturally wear and tear through the years, even if it's been kept clean. Hardwood or stone floors are more durable and instantly make an area look more spacious and updated. If you are a fan of carpeting and don't want to do away with it entirely, consider applying it only to one room or, even better, getting a plush rug that you can easily wash. This will allow you to play around with texture and color while still increasing your home's value through new flooring.