How to run an Instagram contest? A complete guide

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Want to run a contest on Instagram? Wondering what rules and best practices you would like to follow? In this article, you’ll discover tips for running differing types of contests, the way to bring your Instagram contest to an in-depth, and which metrics will assist you to assess the performance of your contest.

Why Only Instagram?

When it involves comparing engagements, Instagram is the hero in front of all the other social media apps present in the market. As a result, if you aren't on Instagram now, you are undoubtedly missing out on something significant for your business.

By throwing in the occasional contest, you'll significantly up your Instagram game. But, before we get into how to run a successful Instagram contest, let's first understand the 'why.'

The Reasons You Need to Have an Instagram Account

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In this social media generation, all companies are going with all kinds of content, whether it's an article, video, or blog. They're growing at breakneck speed. But what should you do if you are new in the market?

And the scenario can be that the existing brands have been competing in the market. you would like something which will assist you to outstand in the crowd.

To summarize in simple words, every business has different agendas and has different goals to achieve. Some focus on increasing sales and some have to increase the reputation. Instagram helps to achieve all of it.

It Is a Virtual Word-Of-Mouth Platform

Assume a customer is overjoyed to purchase your product or a client is impressed with your excellent services. By tagging your page, they have the option of reviewing your product or service on their own stories. When this occurs, and if it occurs regularly, you will appear in the feeds of a large number of people, who may eventually follow you!

This is one way that word spreads on social media, and will you be able to take advantage of it if you don't have an Instagram account?

It's Getting Easier to Sell Products and Services

When it comes to making purchases, the majority of customers claim that social media plays a significant role. About 38% of customers say they are influenced by a brand's social media handles, and 35% say they are influenced by retailers' social media.

This means that Instagram – one of the most powerful marketing platforms – allows you to "sell." For example, Camping with Dogs reports that Instagram ads account for approximately 95 percent of their sales.

There are never-ending reasons for which you need Instagram today. You can solve half of your business problems with the help of business tools provided by Instagram. Be it marketing and reaching the targeted audience. One thing that has gained much popularity within social media influencers and all the other businesses are holding contests and giveaway events.

But it is not important that all the giveaways have to be successful. The number of people engaging in your posts and stories is all decided by how many replies you are going to get for the contests. Some ways can help businesses to have a great response for your contests.

Rules and Regulations Set by Instagram for Running Contests

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First and foremost, we must review Instagram's rules and legalese. You may have noticed that the majority of Instagram contests or giveaways have an extra-long caption with a lot of fine print. This is because Instagram has a slew of rules and guidelines in place to protect itself from liability if any party fails to fulfill its end of the bargain.

Rules by Instagram- A summary

  • You are in charge of ensuring that your Instagram contest is run legally.
  • Avoid using incorrect photo tagging.
  • Include a full release of Instagram from each entrant, as well as a copy that clearly states that your contest is not sponsored by Instagram in any way, shape, or form.
  • Instagram is not going to help you with your contest.
  • You do so at your own risk when you run an Instagram contest.

How Can You Ensure More People Participating in Your Instagram Contest?

To get an entry, have people like your post advertising your Instagram contest, make a comment and follow your account. This is the first and foremost goal all digital creators and businesses have. But there are cases where the posts and stories are not able to reach the expected number of people. For this people often prefer to buy real Instagram likes on MegaFamous. These likes and follows are not at all fake.

Content Created by Users

Creating an Instagram contest around the concept of gathering user-generated content (UGC) to share online can be a wonderful method to do so if you're trying to put together a campaign around it.

So that you can simply access all of the entries in one location, ask your audience to post a photo to their feed using a certain hashtag or tagging your brand.

Not only does this thank your consumers for their assistance, but it also provides you with a complete library of user-generated photographs to broadcast on your feed in the future.

Establish a Distinct Theme

If you're feeling inspired and decided to run an Instagram contest based on user-generated content, now is the time to choose a theme! You should pick something that is relevant to your market and specific interests but doesn't be afraid to capitalize on approaching holidays, seasons, or any other popular trend.

Look For The Ideal Hashtag

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Every day, a new hashtag is developed, making it difficult to come up with one that is truly distinctive. If you don't want to make a hashtag faux pas, be calm and follow the guidelines below.


With all these tips and the basics of running a contest or giveaway on Instagram, you are all ready to enter the new era of marketing. If for influencers these contests are engaging their fans on their profiles then for small businesses and even for established businesses, it is a great way to reach their targeted audience and a very creative way of marketing.