How to write high-quality papers and essays more quickly

In most cases, students write papers and essays only because their teachers require them to do so. Accordingly, students believe that essays are necessary primarily to demonstrate their own knowledge. However, the importance of the essay writing process is that it allows students to create a meaningful, consistent, deep set of ideas. But how to write such an essay quickly? A professional writer who works for an essay writing service shares valuable thoughts on this matter. They will definitely help you.

Structure your time

The human brain functions better in the morning. Get out of bed. Eat something. You are much smarter and more cheerful if you sleep well and eat. There is a fair amount of research to support this. Coffee alone won’t work well. Eat some protein and some fat. Make a fruit smoothie with yogurt. If necessary, go and buy a cheap breakfast. Do whatever it takes to eat. Prepare to write in 90 minutes to three hours. However, 15 minutes of writing practice will be helpful, especially if you do it daily.

Don’t wait until you have a lot of free time to get started. You will never have much time in your life, so don’t make your success dependent on something that does not exist. The most productive writers write every day, albeit a little.

Expect your brain to go on strike when you sit down to work. It is full of other thoughts, each of which will fight for your attention. You might want to go to Facebook or YouTube, text your ex, or read a book on another subject, or go grocery shopping, take a nap, or take a walk (and you need to play sports), or call a friend, your parents – the list goes on and on.

Every part of your brain related to one of these tasks will try to distract you. All of these annoying demons can be defeated with patience. If within 15 minutes (well, a maximum of 25 minutes if you have a really bad day) you do not succumb to these temptations, you will find that the noise in your head has become noticeably less, and you are able to concentrate on the task of writing an essay.

If you practice this every day, you will notice that, while the power of these temptations has not diminished, the duration of trying to focus your attention noticeably decreases. You will also find that even on days when it is especially difficult to concentrate, you will still be able to devote some time to productive writing if you keep the goal in front of you in mind.

Also, don’t deceive yourself by thinking you can write for six hours straight. Three hours is the maximum, especially if you want to write every day. Don’t wait too long to start writing – otherwise, you will have to finish your essay at the last moment at an accelerated pace. Allow yourself a break after a period of concentrated work. Three productive hours of work is much better than ten unproductive hours of self-deception, even if you spent those ten hours in the library.

Focus on words, sentences, paragraphs, and more

An essay, like any other paper, exists on several different levels of resolution simultaneously. The first level is word choice. The second is working on the sentences. Each word must be the correct word in the right place in the sentence. The sentence, in turn, must represent a thought, part of the general idea expressed in the paragraph, while the grammar norms must be observed. Each sentence must be correctly structured, and all sentences must be in the correct sequence within a paragraph – this is the third level of resolution. Typically, a paragraph should have ten sentences or a hundred words. This rule may seem silly because it is controversial. However, it’s better to stick to it until you become more skilled at writing. You have no right to break the rules until you have mastered them.

Rules exist for a reason. You will be able to break them only when you achieve mastery. Until you reach it, don’t confuse your ignorance with creativity or a personal style. An essay written according to the rules is easily perceived by the reader because the reader generally knows what to expect. Of course, these are the rules and conventions. And like other conventions, they can be suboptimal. However, this does not happen often, so make sure to follow the rules. For example, try to keep your paragraphs within ten sentences or one hundred words.

A paragraph should represent one thought expressed in several sentences. If you can’t come up with 100 words to express your thought, it probably isn’t a good idea, or it means you need to think about it a little more. If your paragraph is 300 words or more, then it probably contains more than one idea, which means it needs to be split.


If you’ve made it here, then you should have a solid grasp on writing quality essays and other papers quickly. If you write several essays in the way we described, you will see that your thinking becomes clearer and more productive, and this will also affect your speaking. There is nothing more important than education. Good luck!

Photo: Andrew Neel, Unsplash