• By: Allen Brown

How you can implement healthier lifestyle choices into your routine

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You might have started off the year on a positive note and made all these resolutions that you would lead a healthier lifestyle, but by mid January these plans were ditched. With an end in sight to pandemic restrictions and the summer heading up, if there wasn’t a reason to get motivated then what will? You might plan to head off on a much needed vacation, so to feel confident when you need to get into your bikini, you might want to get into better shape before then. So if you are in need of some much needed healthy tips then you are in the right place.

Learn to Cook More

The best way to control what you are eating is to cook more homemade meals. This will ensure that you are using good quality, fresh and more importantly healthy ingredients in your meal. You are also able to control the level of sugar and salt in your food compared to buying pre-packaged or takeaway meals which are usually laden with high levels of salt and saturated fats. You don’t need to be cooking for hours on end, you can certainly find quick and easy meals to make at home if you do not want to be spending all your time in the kitchen but want to be conscious of what you eat.

Reuse Your Leftovers

If you have cooked a meal for your family and find that you have food left over, instead of discarding it, why not be creative and turn your leftovers into another delicious meal. It will prevent you from wasting food and is a simple way to create another healthy meal using ingredients you already have to hand.

Take Additional Supplements

In order to boost your vitamin and mineral intake it is worth taking a natural supplement, such as the one by Lorna Vanderhaeghe, as it provides you with all the necessary, natural ingredients that your body needs. It’s also a great way of ensuring that you do get all the necessary nutrients alongside a good balanced diet.


Photo: Daria Shevtsova, Pexel

Drink More Water

Keeping hydrated is important as your body needs water to function. Try to drink a few glasses of water throughout the day so that you are making sure you are quenching your thirst and giving your body the much needed nutrients it needs. It helps to prevent constipation, keeps your mind sharp and aids your digestive system. It is a simple step to implement into your routine as well so it will certainly help you feel more healthy.

Write Down Your Shopping List

If you head to the grocery store when you are hungry then you are likely to be buying all sorts of snacks and treats as you walk around. It’s best to write down a list of what you actually need and focus on that as you walk through the store. Making a lot of impulsive choices that are not that healthy is not going to make it easier to stick to a good routine. Try to be organized before you set foot into the store so that you can only buy what you need and it might discourage you from buying random items instead.

Try To Walk More

Small things such as walking further from where you have parked to work, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator can help to increase your daily step count. This will be better for you and will try to discourage you from getting too lazy. You want to start off with gradual changes so that you can then increase how much you are walking each day. You will soon find that you have the ability to walk further which will improve your fitness levels and step count. The more walking you can do the better.

Exercise With a Friend

If you find that you are really not that motivated to get into fitness on your own, then why not exercise with a friend instead. If the idea of heading to the gym with a room full of strangers is not your thing then perhaps you could go and play a round of tennis with your friend, go swimming or head for a run together. Having someone you can share the experience with, especially if it is a fun activity might help to make you feel more inclined to get out and do some exercise.

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Meditate In the Morning or Evening

To help you get into a positive and calm mindset, practicing some gentle yoga exercises or meditating can help you to feel more relaxed. It will help you to focus on your breathing techniques and is a good way to feel less stressed. It can be useful to either do this in the morning to help you focus on the day ahead or just before bed to help you get into a relaxing mindset before sleeping. The less stressed you are, the better it is for your health and overall well being.

Get Enough Sleep

If you find that you feel sluggish, not able to concentrate properly or get irritable then you might not be sleeping enough. Getting enough good quality sleep is important to replenish the body and set you up for the day ahead. Trying to use your cellphone less before bed, listening to music, using essential oils in a diffuser or reading a book are good ways to relax in the evening and help you get into a good mindset ready to sleep. Sleep is important so you want to try and get as much of it as you can.

Overall it can be a lot easier than you think to make some positive changes into your routine so that you can lead a healthier lifestyle. Your wellbeing is important so you want to try and look after it as best you can.