• By: Marie Waine

IBEW PROFILE: Rick Wallace

Rick Wallace is a construction and maintenance coordinator with Hydro Ottawa. Over the last 34 years, Wallace has been working in a career he loves and cannot imagine doing anything else. He says the best part about his job is being able to work outside with a great team that takes pride in getting a job done safely and on time.

The camaraderie that has developed between Wallace and his team members over the years keeps him excited about going to work every day. He says it also creates a productive and successful work environment. Wallace loves to see the results of a job well done. He says it is also gratifying to have others see the end results for years to come. It is Wallace’s personal effort, from start to finish, that makes him truly appreciate his craft.

As part of the IBEW, Wallace works and learns from others in the electrical trade. He says the IBEW provides him with fairness in the workplace and protection through job security. Wallace is also able to constantly gain invaluable experience and expertise from other industry workers.

Wallace can quickly apply the knowledge he gains. This could be done on a job site or when he is training young apprentices. Wallace works to ensure new teams learn to complete work safely, and get home at the end of the day. Being able to teach others his passion is a challenging but satisfying experience.

Looking back on a busy, full career, Wallace knows his work has made a difference in the Ottawa community. He is also thankful for the community he has made by being part of the IBEW. Wallace says he has had a very rewarding career and could not be more proud.