Ideas fora Kid’s Bedroom When Your Child Is Crazy About Superheroes

Superheroes are something kids have loved since the 1950's, but in recent years, they have had a major resurgence and now, almost every major family movie is part of a franchise from Marvel or DC comics and features characters like Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman or the Avengers!

Of course, kids and adults alike find these characters entertaining and inspiring, and want to see as much of them as possible! If your child has a favourite comic or movie character, then decorating their room using their superhero favourites as a theme can be a really great idea.

Here are some ideas for incorporating a superhero theme into your child's bedroom redesign, so you can thrill and delight them with their new Batcave or secret lair!

Wall Decals

Wall decals allow you to create a great image without the art skills needed to make a mural! There are plenty of places where you can get good superhero wall decals, including this wall decals UK company who have some great designs for kids' rooms.

Wall decals can make for a nice accent feature in a child's room, and can look more creative and attractive than simply putting up posters or framed wall art, with some of the bigger decals actually looking like the wall is opening up onto a cool superhero scene!

Comic Strip Art

If you like the idea of some DIY interior design projects, then a great way to make something for your child's superhero themed room is to use macramé and collage type techniques using artwork from superhero comics. There are lots of tutorials online that can help you turn, for example, a basic plain bedside lamp into one with a superhero comic strip all over it, just by using things like non-toxic glue and a supply of cheap comics. Do use comics you buy yourself though – your child may not be happy to have the ones they own destroyed no matter how much they may love the look of your project!


Another cool idea can be to make stencils (or buy them) and use them to create the logo of your child's favourite superhero all around their room. A row of Batman's iconic insignia around the top of the wall can be an attractive and fun effect, or you can consider stencilling Spiderman's iconic spider design onto wooden furniture. This can be really easy to do, and the end result can look very professional, even if you just used a template from the internet, printer paper, masking tape and normal emulsion paint and did the whole thing yourself!


All of the main comic companies, including Marvel and DC, sell bedding products that contain your favourite superheroes. Whether your child loves Batman, or is a huge fan of Marvel’s Avengers, you are sure to find a bedding set that features these. It’s wise to note, though, that most bedding sets for sale in the High Street shops are for single beds, so if your child is lucky enough to have a double bed in their room, you may need to purchase a bedding set online. Perhaps surprisingly, ASDA and Tesco are also ideal places to pick up this addition to your child’s room.


Finally, you can also purchase a wide range of accessories to complement the design and bedding of your child’s room. Curtains, lampshades, rugs and toy boxes can all be found in superhero designs. Again, you could buy character specific accessories, which is a great choice if your little one loves one superheroes in particular.  However, you could also look to buy something a little bit more generic but still comic-y. There are some great accessories featuring the words ‘pow’ and ‘zap’ for example, that won’t go out of taste as your child’s favourite superhero changes.

While you can of course buy things like superhero bedspreads and toys, these ideas allow you to do something a little bit more interesting that is sure to capture your child's imagination. You may even be able to get them involved in the decorating process if you are not planning to make their room revamp a surprise!