• By: Emma Dykstra

I’m a Leader Now: A Delightful Children’s Book about Empowerment and Leadership

I’m a Leader Now

By: Wayne Watson

36 pages • ISBN 978-1-9994753-0-7

With the collaboration of a team and spanning from Ottawa, to Montreal, and all the way to Quebec City, we present to you a unique children’s book with Canada Geese as the muse. Author Wayne Watson is a retired RCMP member, an executive coach, a husband, father, and grandfather. Inspired by five real life goslings (his grandchildren), the story is brought to life by Brigitte Gourdeau’s stunning illustrations.

I’m a Leader Now is a fable about a young gosling whose deepest desire is to come the leader of her family flock. This book chronicles her trials and tribulations as she strives toward her objective to reach her potential as a leader. I’m a Leader Now is beautifully illustrated and its compelling story about leadership, determination, mentorship, family and what it takes to succeed will appeal to children and adults of all ages.  This story teaches essential life skills that children can begin to use immediately at school, at home, the park or at daycare. 

I’m a Leader Now can be purchased on amazon.ca