Immigration to Ottawa: pathways and tips

Photo by Robbie Palmer, Unsplash

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) are the fastest-rising economic Canadian immigration route, offering the golden chance of career fulfillment to hundreds of thousands of immigrants.

Out of all provinces in Canada, Ontario ranks high as one of the most immigrant-friendly and most beautiful places to settle down. This makes the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program one of the most sought after PNPs in Canada. If you are a foreign national with the right skills, education, and experience, you can never go wrong with Ontario PNP.

Pathways to Various Ontario PNP Categories and Eligibility Criteria

There are various streams and categories for qualified foreign nationals to benefit from the Ontario PNP. Each category has its eligibility requirements which applicants must meet. They are as follows.

Ontario Express Entry: (No Job Offer Required)

This covers the following subcategories:

  • Human Capital Priorities: The basic requirements are for an applicant to be in the Express Entry pool as a Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) or Canadian Experience Class (CEC) candidate and also meet a minimum CRS score for OINP.
  • French-Speaking Skilled Worker: You will need to be in the Express Entry pool as an FWS or CEC candidate and possess CLB7 or CLB 6 or better English ability.
  • Skilled Traders: You must be a CEC candidate in the Express Entry pool and currently based in Ontario, and have work experience in a listed skilled occupation.

Employer Job Offer: (Required Job Offer)

This covers the following subcategories:

  • Foreign Worker: Get a permanent full-time job offer in a skilled occupation that meets the prevailing wage requirements in Ontario.
  • In-Demand Skills: Must be a skilled worker in an in-demand occupation, such as construction and agriculture.
  • International Student: Must have completed at least a two-year degree program in a Canadian university or college, or at least a diploma program that is at least a one-year post-graduate certificate program at a university or college.

Business Streams

This is for entrepreneurs, business owners, and/or someone with managerial experience who can demonstrate the ability and readiness to create jobs. An applicant must have a high net worth of at least $800,000, a personal investment amount of at least $500,000, and create at least two more jobs.

Graduate Streams

Graduate streams cover both Master’s graduates and Ph.D. graduates.

Master Graduates: Must have completed a Master's program in Ontario within the last two years

Ph.D. Graduates: Must have completed a Ph.D. program in Ontario within the last two years.

Tips for a Successful Ontario PNP Application Process

With multiple streams and routes, as shown above, it is obvious that the Ontario PNP is about the most flexible PNP in Canada. However, each of the categories has a wide range of eligibility criteria. To ensure a smooth application process and improve your chance of approval, it is important to work with an expert Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant. You can get help from an RCIC at each stage of the application process. You can leverage an expert's guidance in knowing the best stream for your skillset, gathering supporting evidence, filing the application, expediting the process, and many more.

Photo: Alesia Kazantceva, Unsplash

Useful Information for Newcomers to Ottawa

If you are a newcomer to Ottawa or you are about to migrate here, the city has a very supportive environment that can help you balance your professional and social life. It is a multiracial city composed of people from all walks of life. Here are some useful tips to make the most of your stay in Ottawa:

  • Weather: Temperatures in Ottawa during winter in December to February range between -14C and 5C. During spring, the weather warms up a little, with around temperature still below zero in March and rises to around 20C by May. It gets warmer in summer, with temperatures ranging between 14C and 27C. And in fall, you can expect between 0 – 15C in October while it gets below freezing by November.
  • Public Transport: Ottawa has flexible and affordable public transport. The bus fare for adults and children aged four and above is $2.50, while children below four ride for free.
  • You can also explore the beauty of the city at your leisure. Lovely places to visit include the Canadian War Museum, the neo-Gothic Victorian Peace Tower, and the National Gallery of Canada.

So, Welcome to Ottawa!

Ottawa is one of the most attractive destinations for immigrants in Canada. And with all of what this city can offer it is understandable. And yes, immigration to Ottawa is something worth considering even during such a turbulent time. Just imagine that with some effort and persistence you will finally enjoy a peaceful happy life in one of the most comfortable and beautiful cities in the whole world.