Introducing Odell’s Fall by Globe and Mail bestselling Author, Norman Bacal

A forbidden marriage, jealous colleagues, the struggle for power . . . and murder. Introducing  Odell’s Fall by Norman Bacal.

From one of the most esteemed entertainment tax attorneys in the world and the bestselling author of Breakdown, comes a heart-pounding, never predictable murder-mystery inspired by Shakespeare’s tragedy, Othello. Odell’s Fall examines the lengths partners at a leading Manhattan law firm will go to in the quest for success and love. Bacal’s fiction debut features successful African-American attorney Odell Moore, along with his scheming colleague, Jackson Sherman, who share boardroom success, at the risk of marital bliss. Love, jealousy, and deceit lead to murder in a penthouse apartment and a cast of characters who are conflicted, if not implicated. Does love trump friendship? How well do we really understand the passions that drive us? What are we hiding from the world and more important what are we hiding from ourselves?

There are countless such questions in Odell’s Fall, as race relations, child abuse, and blind ambition figure in the twists and turns to the very last page of the story. Bacal’s next book in this series, due out in 2020, is based on Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet.

Odell’s Fall
ISBN 9781988025438, 2019
Norman Bacal (,
350 pages,
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