IO Scout vs. AMZ Scout

Nowadays, the competition on the most prominent e-commerce platform, Amazon, is quite fierce, and you need every single advantage possible to beat your competitors. Leveraging the right set of tools became the essential step towards a successful selling business. But even though it seems pretty straightforward, picking the right set of tools may be pretty tricky. There are numerous available solutions and countless features. You need to examine every single one of them and compare them in order to find the right one that will fit all your business needs and your budget.

We compared IO Scout and AMZ Scout to help you decide which software solution for Amazon sellers is a better fit for your business.

What is IO Scout?

IO Scout is mainly a product research tool for the Amazon platform, but it offers other excellent features as well. This software solution assists sellers to improve their search data efficiency and maximizes their potential. IO Scout has a database of over two hundred million items to search from and ensure the most accurate data to analyze the market and its trends to find gaps and opportunities. This comprehensive set of tools offers an effective and straightforward way of identifying products with low competition and high demand.

What is AMZ Scout?

AMZScout has pretty similar features as IO Scout. It supports sellers to discover the best products to sell on Amazon and helps them enhance their product listings by using the right, relevant keywords. Although it's similar to IO Scout, some of its features are considered inferior to what IO Scout has to offer.

IO Scout and AMZ Scout similarities

Product Tracker

This feature helps you track and bookmark item ideas that you can access later in just a few clicks in a user-friendly interface. Data about goods such as ranking, sales, ratings, and inventory is updated every hour, guaranteeing that you have the most accurate information. The product trackers of both IO Scout and AMZ allow sellers to observe a chosen item's performance in real-time.

Product Database

IO Scout has a Product finder that is a merchandise research software that enables sellers to trace, observe, and analyze over two hundred million items that are updated every day. This warrants that you can access the most accurate data about the products and choose the best ones to go after.

FBA Calculator

Both of these software solutions offer a free FBA Calculator tool that assists FBA sellers to determine their Amazon FBA expenses without any trouble. The FBA calculator lets you get detailed information on costs provoked in the future related to selling on Amazon with the FBA model.

Google Chrome Extension

AMZ Scout and IO Scout both offer a Google Chrome Extension, which lets sellers optimize item searches by providing an insight into the data such as product sales, revenue, trends, and data analysis without the need to move from the Amazon platform.

Sales Estimator

With IO Scout, you will get free access to the sales estimator feature that will let you determine the number of sales made monthly according to the BSR ( Best Sellers Rank) within a specific category. By doing that, you will know exactly how many sales your product needs to obtain to get the desired BSR rank.

IO Scout will assist you in estimating the volume of sales your product can obtain. It also gives free estimator service while using IO Scout to launch items with the application. Using this feature, sellers will be able to identify categories that will benefit your product by helping you understand the number of pieces that sell daily or monthly within a specific category. IO Scout can also be used to help you decide the best competitive price for your product.

AMZScout has a similar feature that performs like the IO Scout sales estimator.

IO Scout and AMZ Scout differences

User Experience

IO Scout has a more user-friendly interface than AMZ Scout. IO Scout's interface is pretty straightforward to use. The users can collect all the information needed to navigate the Amazon website within a short period.


IO Scout has better features, when compared to AMZScout, but has a lower price. The total annual subscription price for IO Scout is 510 USD, while for AMZScout is 549.99 USD.

CSV File Export

Both software solutions offer the ability to export CSV files for offline use. Still, the number of products that can be exported using AMZ Scout is restrained, while IO Scout allows sellers to export more than twenty thousand different product data. This makes IO Scout a more suitable option, especially for professional sellers.

Product Tracker Limit

The number of items that Amazon sellers can track at the same time using the IO Scout software is 85, while with AMZScout software solution, you can follow up to eighty products.

Facilitation of teamwork

IO Scout software solution enables sellers to connect at least ten researchers or other team members to their single IO Scout account. This promotes natural, easy, and more active cooperation among team members without the need for other coworkers to create individual accounts.

Although the two software solutions have several similarities, it is evident that IO Scout holds more appealing characteristics that promote effective and efficient business management, which results in ultimate business growth, and therefore more profit.

Currently, IO Scout is among the favorite tool to go for because unlike other Amazon product research tools like AMZScout, the IO Scout tool was designed to provide an efficient, effective and straightforward solution to Amazon sellers.