Is 2021 the year of the mobile casino?

The online casino industry has evolved ten-fold since the early days when players had to download a desktop client to access the casino’s lobby. Now, fast-forwarding instant-play casinos, we arrive at mobile casinos.

To be fair, these are nothing new, and you can find a wide selection of casino apps for NJ players within a couple of clicks online. However, is 2021 going to be the year when the mobile truly cements its place as the ‘go-to’ device for modern online casino players? We believe so, and here’s why.

  1. Everyone has a mobile

Let’s face it; we’re more shocked if we see someone using a mobile that isn’t a smartphone. They are everywhere, and more importantly, we take them everywhere with us. This makes them the perfect device for quick and easy casino gaming. From a train commute home from the office to relaxing in your garden, the convenience and flexibility of playing on a mobile cannot be matched.

  1. Hello 5G

Previously, one of the biggest handicaps for mobile casinos was the quality and speed of the internet connection. If you attempted to play using a slow, unstable connection, your gaming experience often became one of frustration rather than enjoyment.

While things have improved dramatically in recent years, we are now on the cusp on 5G, which is steadily being rolled out as we speak. 5G technology comes with the promise of much faster network speeds, so delivery of heavy-duty content, such as live dealer blackjack, will be a breeze. Furthermore, it offers greater bandwidth, meaning you shouldn’t suffer from a dip in performance during peak times. For casino gamers, 5G is a gamechanger.

  1. Mobile-first game development

The majority of iGaming software developers have already adopted a ‘mobile-first’ approach to designing their games. Couple this with the enhancements in mobile technology, and players are being treated to some of the most amazing games that are custom-made for hand-held devices.

Whether your passion is slots, roulette, baccarat, video poker or craps, mobile players have hundreds of high-quality games at their fingertips, with dozens of new titles being released each month.

  1. Away with Flash

Ten years ago, online casino games were built using Flash multimedia; however, this software had its limitations, particularly within the mobile gaming sphere. Developers began switching to HTML, which is unquestionably more mobile-friendly. Developers haven’t looked back since. Today, all mobile casino games are designed with this software.

  1. Mobile payments

The world of mobile payments is growing at a rapid pace. Many iPhone users are familiar with Apple Pay, then there are popular e-wallets, such as PayPal which have native mobile apps.

This has added to the convenience of mobile casino gaming. It’s fast and hassle-free to hook up your preferred payment method with the casino so that you can start playing. And vice-versa, it only takes a couple of clicks to make a withdrawal.


As we enter 2021, more players are using mobile devices for gambling than desktop, and we are certain that the gap will increase substantially more in the next 12 months.

We would like to emphasize that although there are many benefits to playing mobile casino games, some of these can become a negative. The ability to play anytime, anywhere is fantastic, but you should always gamble responsibly. Keep it fun, and it’s a superb form of entertainment.