Keeping Warm on Another Cold Sunday

As Ottawa faces yet another snowstorm and it feels like the cold will never leave, you will be looking for activities to keep you busy at home where you can keep snug and warm. You may feel that by this stage of the season, you have exhausted all the options – you’ve probably read more books than you can count, watched every episode of every season of your favourite show and rearranged the basement twice. But, here are some other ideas that will keep you warm and occupied as you face the next bout of bad weather.

  1. DIY – Cold days that keep you indoors are the best time to get around to all those home improvements and little projects that you never have time for otherwise. You will spend hours just going through all the DIY books on your shelf and ideas online. Getting down to a DIY project can be fun and rewarding.
  2. Plan your next vacation – It may be too cold to venture out now, but Spring is coming and that is a great time to stretch your legs and go on vacation. Start your vacation fund and start dreaming about that road trip, beach holiday or outdoors adventure you have always wanted to go on.
  3. Catch up with friends – This is the perfect opportunity to catch up with friends. If you’re stuck at home, take the opportunity to call up some friends or family for a good chat or even have some friends over for a movie session.
  4. Learn a New Skill – It’s difficult to find time to learn a new skill, between work and general life. But cold Sundays are the perfect opportunity. Take this chance to learn to knit or crochet and put those new skills to use making scarves or beanies for you and your friends. Learn to play a musical instrument or take an online photography course, using the quiet time to practice your new skill.
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  6. Cook-a-thon – Cold weather is the perfect opportunity to have a big cooking marathon, stocking your freezing for the coming weeks. Make a range of foods that can be frozen and freeze them in meal-size portions for days when you are too busy to cook.