Know when to call for help with your drain

Homeowners must maintain indoor plumbing properly. When you have proper repairs and maintenance, you can avoid severe damage to your home. Plumbing issues often cause extreme damage, resulting in high-cost repairs. Learn to recognize problems before they progress, for the best results. You may need help if you have a slow-moving drain, objects in your pipes, or a full clog.

Slow Drains

You may notice water taking a long time to go down the drain in your sink or bathtub. This can happen for several reasons. You may have buildup from hard water, for example. Many people have problems when hair or food starts to fill up the pipes. Drain cleaning chemicals and other home remedies may damage your pipes. The problem often returns soon after you clear the drain with chemicals. Chemicals eat through the materials clogging your drain so water can flow. Materials, however, stay behind in your pipes and contribute to future problems. Call for professional drain cleaning services for an efficient and long-lasting remedy.

Objects in the Pipes

Plumbers often hear stories about kids throwing toys into the toilet. Large items may go further down the drain than you anticipate. A professional can restore the flow of your drain without causing further problems. Many homeowners try to retrieve the object or use a snake tool to clear the drain. Tools like this can push objects further into the pipes. The clog may then cause problems for the entire home instead of one sink or toilet. Repairs to pipes under your home can become expensive.

Full Clogs

If you wait too long to call for help, your slow-moving drain may become a full clog. This can lead to significant water damage. The water may fill up in a sink and overflow onto the floor, causing damage to carpet or wood. If the clog happens in the pipes under your house, all outgoing water may back up into your home. Call a professional and stop running water if you notice water backing up.

Water Backing up into the House

Once you see water backing up into your house, you may need to call for an emergency visit. You can avoid significant clogs in your home by scheduling a proper drain cleaning when you first notice slow draining water. If the water comes into your home quickly, many plumbing companies can send help 24 hours a day. Once the clogged drain becomes severe enough for water to back up into your home, you may need extensive repairs. Professionals like Home Service Direct stop the water first, then assess the cause of the problem.

It is essential to maintain the plumbing in your home to prevent problems. Professionals can perform drain cleaning when you first notice slow-moving water. You can avoid extensive damage to your home by working with a plumber instead of working on the drain yourself. Many chemical solvents help temporarily and can cause permanent damage to your pipes. Call for a professional assessment of your drain today.