Leisure in Ottawa: all you need to know

Newcomers to any city generally want to know about the entertainment and leisure options there are on offer, and newcomers to Canada's capital will not be disappointed. There are a host of options, from nightlife to a vibrant art scene, so if you're looking for the down-low on Ottawa's best entertainment and leisure options, you're in the right place. Below, we've included a short guide on everything you need to know.

Ottawa's Art Scene

Let's start with Ottawa's art scene which is as diverse as you'd expect for the capital. In just about every corner of the city, you'll stumble upon funky murals and sculptures. And, of course, there are the art galleries themselves. Whether you fancy checking out some hand-blown glass at Flo Glassblowing or you want to admire the contemporary installations on display at https://oaggao.ca/, there's always an opportunity to broaden your horizons.

Biking in Gatineau.

Local Sports and the Outdoors

Moving onto what you can do for free or at a low-cost. Ottawa is home to some remarkable green spots that can be explored at your leisure whenever you wish to. Fancy a bike ride around the city? There are many options to hire out bikes and tour the city. In fact, cycling is as popular among Ottawa's locals as it is with its tourists.

Live Music in Ottawa

The music scene in Ottawa is incredibly lively with events year-round. Whether you're a hip-hop fan or enjoy a bit of smooth jazz, you're guaranteed to find a live performance to attend. We recommend checking out https://eventbrite.ca to get an idea of what's on and at what time. A live show at the Mercury Lounge 9 awaits you!

Summer theatre in Strathcona Park.

Theatre Shows

Ottawa is home to several theatres including Ottawa Little Theatre which is Canada's oldest community playhouse. You can catch Broadway shows in Ottawa as well as cheerful musicals, again these entertainment events run all year. In Addition to the Little Theatre, Ottawa also boasts the Mayfair Theatre and Arts Court Theatre, both of which host a spectacular range of shows.

When You Feel like Staying in

If you’ve your fill of trotting around art galleries, watching theatre, and zooming around on your bike, you can indulge in the option of a quiet but entertaining evening. Canada is becoming well-known for its casinos, with a total gambling industry turnover of around CAD 13m and a thriving poker scene. If a casino evening from the comfort of your hotel room appeals, you can find a list of Canadian online casinos to play online here: https://bonus.ca/casino-bonus/. Each of the websites available on this site offers first-time visitors bonuses such as free spins and cash bonuses. So, grab some takeout from one of Ottawa's many quality vendors such as Genji Japanese Restaurant or Roast N Curries and enjoy the best of both going out and staying in.

What Locals Enjoy

Locals in Ottawa enjoy a range of activities during leisure time including sports, arts, and theatre. The country's capital is packed full of fantastic things to do and no matter your personality, you're guaranteed to find some entertainment. In addition to Ottawa's vibrant entertainment scene, the city also has many options for dining out. Be sure to eat in between visiting the city's hottest entertainment venues