Living a champagne lifestyle on a soda budget

We all try to live in the lap of luxury. Whether we’re trying to plan a getaway or do something for ourselves, that idea of a champagne lifestyle can seem to evade us. But there are always ways around the situation. If you want to live a champagne lifestyle but you are stuck on a soda budget what are the things you need to consider?

Book Things In A Group

You could get group discounts on luxury outings or you could split the cost between you. If you are truly trying to have a luxurious vacation or outing you cannot go more luxurious than renting an airplane! If you're wondering how much does an airplane cost to rent, it can be surprisingly affordable just as long as you share the wealth! Booking anything in a group usually means you have a discount. And yes, while there are more of you which doesn't necessarily give the opportunity for privacy if you are trying to do something like a bachelorette party or there's something that so many of you have been wanting to do for years, booking it in a group might be the only opportunity for you to do it!

Start Simple

When there's not much money to go around you've got to keep it short and simple. If you've been lusting after certain destinations for a while but money is a big problem, go there and keep it short. If you're looking for picturesque places to tick off your bucket list you can get a cheap hotel within touching distance of a big landmark. Just as long as you keep it short and simple you can visit these places.

Scour The Travel Sites

In fact, you have got to scour the internet in general! There are so many websites that offer discount rates on hotels that you should be able to find something that suits your budget. Part of finding the right item or vacation destination is about digging deep and scouring the internet until you are blue in the face! If you want to purchase more upmarket clothing don't be afraid of going on eBay! And why you might think that eBay is full of second-hand items, this couldn’t be farther from the truth! There are so many sellers that can offer very popular items at competitive prices. If you are looking to completely renovate your wardrobe you could do this at a fraction of the cost!

Be Clever With Your Clothing

We all want to evoke a certain sense of style but we can't afford to dress from head to toe in sequinned chiffon, so we need to be clever with our clothing. The best thing for you to do is to purchase one designer piece of clothing that you can pair up with anything. It's important that when you purchase a statement piece that it is long-lasting. But you've also got to make sure that it's is a chameleon a piece of clothing. A jacket to go with jeans or a skirt and when you pair it up with boots or high heels this adds that extra dimension.

Save Every Penny

It sounds obvious but if you are trying to live a better lifestyle you've got to watch where every penny goes. Most people think that those that live a high-end lifestyle have money to burn. This is far from the case! If you learn to be savvier with your finances you can budget accordingly. It's worth getting into the habit of budgeting so you can start to see all those little bunnies accumulate. When we start to look at something like our budget we have got to think about putting as much money into our bank account as possible. And if you have the opportunity, the more jobs you have means the more money you will have later. Not everybody likes the idea of having to work until the early hours all the time but it's a short-term sacrifice for a better lifestyle. Don't forget, there are plenty of credit cards that offer rewards points and vouchers back. It's not just about the money aspect.

The Side Hustle

If you want to live a champagne lifestyle you have to be creative but when you look at all of these digital nomads living their best life it's very likely that they've got a side hustle or they are doing something to supplement their income. Not everybody is born into wealth! For the vast majority of us, we've got to work hard to get it! The great thing is now if you want to be a nomad and travel the world, there are plenty of side hustle ideas for you to try! In order to live a high-end lifestyle, you could set up a blog and go down the affiliate marketing approach. It's one of the best ways to earn passive income as the links you provide on your blog that goes to products and services means that you will get a small commission. Every little click adds up. We have to remember that living a champagne lifestyle can be difficult to maintain. This means that you've got to be a bit more careful with your expenditure. And while a side hustle can keep things consistent in a financial sense it may not be able to earn you a lot of money, which means you have to go back to the drawing board and build up your finances again.

We fantasize about living the high life but if we want to do it successfully there is that give and take. Think about what you want to achieve. Is it a case of the car or the house or is it about looking at your absolute best? Living a champagne lifestyle when you have a meager budget is about looking at those things in life and finding ways around it. There are people dedicated to finding bargains and cutting corners financially. And for most of us, this is the one true way for us to enjoy ourselves. Don't try to keep up with the Joneses, keep yourself happy.

Photo: Pexels – CC0 Licence