Local governments push for regulation of sports betting

Prolific writer Rainer Maria Rilke encouraged young writers and poets to try and live in the question, embracing uncertainty as a way of living and creating. However, that certainly brings obstacles in our day-to-day lives, be it our jobs or hobbies. We explore the grey area of Canadian offline and online gambling in this article, and how authorities are putting things in motion for a clearer legislative future.

Post-colonial North America has always had a rocky relationship with wagering, although it has been more permissive with lotteries and sport-event betting. Canada's open gate move was made in 1969, where a tweak permitted provinces to set-up and fully operate lotteries. In the mid-80s, the core of the responsibility was placed on local bodies of control. They were to decide if they allow wagers and how they shall do it.

Time and technology do not wait for anybody. As soon as the Internet expanded to a place of infinite possibilities, betting moved there as well. Then, it became adaptable to more than one device as soon as their processors began to have advanced capabilities. Unfortunately, the growth happened in the background of unclear regulations. According to gaming sources, in Canada, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec are online casino friendly. Nevertheless, these affairs have to be operated from outside the Canadian territories, with the exception of Kahnawake Mohawk, which can run such a virtual organization, but it still is considered an offshore.

Even so, the Canadian Criminal Code, in its seventh part, deals with gambling and bookmaking in detail. Thus, it is considered an offence on all aspects: establishing and keeping a “disorderly house”, hosting such enterprises, and finally, placing bets and engaging in these activities, are all punishable in regions who have not actively decriminalized it. Depending on several other criteria, the sentence attached can range between a couple of weeks to a couple of years, or alternatively, fines that may surge up to C$5000.

There are no limits to what avid people will do for their passions. Thus, people that are players or are interested in becoming players will not give up on their intention so easily. We highly recommend to always have a number one priority in gambling, safety. Online wagers can have a lot of liabilities, so one’s choice has to be wise. Start off by grabbing tailor-made coupons from CasinoBonusCA. Then decide on a spending limit and stick to it. Lastly, read the terms and begin your venture.

Things are being set in motion in 2020. In an effort to eliminate the confusion, local governments are sending signals to the federal bodies, all in favour mostly of sports-betting. The move is quite intuitive in today’s ecosystem. With clear guidelines, province leaders can promote new businesses, while at the same time using the money derived from taxes and the such. Similar lobbying has been done here and there across the last few years. Still, this time it is the result of a joint effort of governments and sport league representatives. The move will boost both, giving them a shared goal.

What does that mean for the player?

It has been known that betting is still practiced, although it is considered illegal. A simple browse over casino and bookie data confirms this undeniably. If the changes are implemented, that adds a double layer of safety for the average bettor. One side relates to being entirely on the side of legality, even though the "witch-hunt" of players is not heavily enforced. The other side relates to having options that are regulated by the appropriate commissions based on a clear-cut rulebook.

What does that mean for the sports industry?

2020 can be described as anything but a time to "thrive". The sports industry felt the blow, initially with the game suspensions and then with the inability to integrate supporters just as much as before. There are financial consequences tied to these unpleasant affairs. Some benefits may come up from a more assertive approach of the relation between the thrill of the game and the thrill of placing a bet. Giants like the NFL or the CFL, along with their baseball and hockey counterparts, all advocate the amendments that have been passed forward to the Trudeau cabinet. In the challenge of difficult times, innovative characters stand up and, ultimately, save the day.

We may never know what life throws at us. We know that we have all the capabilities to respond to whatever challenge. We believe that the best efforts are crafted as collaborations, just like teammates working strategically together to win the game. When it comes to full decriminalization of sports betting, the teams, the fans, the authorities, and the casinos are all on the same side. Whatever the future holds, we know two things. The exercise of these parts has not been in vain, and we are here to report on all significant improvements.