Look DS announces a major new release that includes Windows Player

As a multinational software team, Look DS has offices in numerous countries. The Look digital signage service is the company's most popular offering. It is an award-winning, easy, and dependable software solution for remote control of digital screen networks of different sizes and functions, such as advertising panels in retail shops or restaurant digital menu boards. With it, you can access and control any material — whether audio or video — and dynamic streams and interactive cases from anywhere at any time.

Look DS is constantly trying to upgrade different aspects to offer its clients the best service and convenience. After announcing the new release, you can't fail to note that it is a step in the right direction. So, what's the exciting news to share? You can look forward to an improved and more exciting Look service now that the long-anticipated major update has arrived. As many have predicted, this new release includes the Windows Player that many hoped would be among its services.

With that said, here's the latest development:

Windows slurp up

Following the new release, you can now use the Look service on any Windows-based device, beginning with version 10. Intel Compute Stick, Intel NUC, and iBase are just a few Windows-based PC boxes that you may use for self-service kiosks and touch screens. Regardless, all of the features you have come to expect from LOOK are now accessible on these devices. It's a massive inclusion considering that people with windows-based devices can now exploit the full potential of Look DS, especially its digital signage capabilities.

The Layout Designer 3.0

Much work has improved and added new features to Look's Layout Designer. You can now use QR codes and unique typefaces in your layouts, specify a particular resolution and aspect ratio for your layers, and build multi-layered interactive scenarios with transitions between different scenes in your designs. Windows users now have access to the new Layout Designer tools. They will release additional information on their Android availability at a later date.

Windows users can create captivating digital signage without feeling like they are missing out with this new feature. These new layout design tools make work easier and allow you to exploit Look DS' maximum potential.


The new player engine is designed with third parties in mind. By executing external queries through the API or integrating with other Zapier services, you may modify the status of your layout either momentarily or permanently. This feature is currently only accessible on Windows-based devices. They will release additional information on their Android availability at a later date. Knowing that it supports third-party services makes your work more comfortable and spares you the trouble of having to do everything by yourself.

Supports video files of different kinds

Initially, the system only handled video files in the mp4 format. Look now allows you to create playlists using any current video formats and extensions (mov., avi., wmv., and so on) and any number of video clips. You are not limited to one video format, which is not ideal, especially if you have multiple contents to play in your digital signage platform.

The Slider App

You may now use a standard playlist to create basic slideshows using images. An interactive catalog can go from one item to another using swipes or navigation arrows that have been designed for the catalog. Each content item has a defined playing time in both formats. The convenience this brings to touch devices is outstanding and can only make displays smooth and effective, especially in retaining the target audience's attention.

Now that you know what the new release what are your thoughts? And why don't you go ahead and experiment with the system's most recent enhancements right now? Don't be left out since digital signage could be doing so much for your company, especially if you get it right with Look DS.

Likewise, nearby releases will have even more exciting surprises. So make sure you are always connected. It doesn't stop with this new release since LOOK is always looking for new and exciting ways to keep its clients happy. Remember, digital signage is among the recent trades taking over in the advertising world, so make the most out of it to gain that competitive advantage.