Make your busy life easier with these 3 Canada-wide memberships

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Modern life in Canada is fast. Between your work, errands, exercise, social life and the hundred other small obligations populating your day, it can feel like there’s no time to relax. While scientists work on developing a 25th hour in the day (fingers crossed!) you have to work with what you’ve got.

But that’s okay. Modern life may be fast, but it’s also given rise to memberships and subscriptions that help assuage the stresses of a busy life. Whether it’s a food service that saves you a few hours of shopping or a streaming service that allows you to take your entertainment and self-development on the go, memberships help you save time – and enjoy the time you’ve got! An easy place to start is prepared meal delivery services, as they save you not only time, but energy and money as well.

Here are three fantastic memberships – each available here in Ottawa and across Canada – that help make your busy life easier.

Stay Entertained on the Go with Audible

Your commute just got a thousand times better thanks to the incredible amount of titles Audible Canada offers. From their engaging Audible Originals, informative podcasts, and gripping audiobooks, Audible ensures that wherever you are, there’s never a dull moment. You might actually enjoy heading to work in the morning!

And it isn’t just on your commute that they’ve got your back. With a busy schedule, it can be liberating at the end of a long day to dedicate time to listening. Listening with Audible can help you reconnect with what makes you human, allowing you to explore yourself and the world at large.

Never Skip a Deluxe Meal with Chef’s Plate

Do you enjoy a home cooked meal but don’t necessarily love the mad-dash, end-of-day grocery shopping that goes along with it?

Chef’s Plate and other meal subscriptions just like it can help. Imagine coming home and your groceries are already waiting in a neat box on your front porch. Not only that, but the contents make up a well-thought-out, delicious meal. Simply throw on an engrossing audiobook from that Audible membership above, open the instructions and start cooking.

Kick up Your Heels and Relax with a Wine Subscription

Work’s done, errands have been run, dinner’s been assembled and you’ve turned the lights off in the kitchen. There’s nothing left to do other than throw your feet up on the coffee table (which never doesn’t feel amazing) with a glass of wine. These are the moments that put the entire day into perspective. With an Audible true-crime podcast in one hand, a curated glass of Malbec in the other, it’s you time.

Even for wine-lovers, selecting a good bottle can be a crapshoot. Most people don’t love admitting it, but when shopping for wine 9/10 times you just look for an enticing label and hope the contents are to your taste. Wine subscription services take the guesswork out of it – you pick a package that suits your tastes and let the connoisseurs pick your bottles for you. Cheers to that!

Stay engaged and connected wherever you go. Eat healthily without scouring the internet for weeknight recipes that can be made with the three cans of beans in your pantry. And cap it all off with a connoisseur-curated glass of wine. Life in Canada may be busy, but it can be amazing as well.