Making fast and secure money transfers to Canada

Canada is fast emerging as one of the most sought after destinations for students, tourists and immigrants. Its status as a wealthy first world nation and a global reputation for its liberal and humane policies have made the country a beacon of hope for many. Every year millions of people visit Canada for purposes of tourism, trade and studies. If you are planning on visiting Canada too in the near future and are wondering how to send money to Canada, you can obtain the required information from an international money transfer services comparison website. One such website is

The main factors that should dictate your choice of an international money transfer company enabling a fast and secure money transfer to Canada are: 

1. Ease of Sending Money

Sending money to Canada or any other international destination needn’t be too much of a bother these days. There are any number of online international money transfer companies that let you remit money abroad instantly by going online or using an app. You don’t need to visit your bank to make such a transfer anymore. Neither do you have to wait for an inordinately long time for the money to reach its destination. You can easily carry out the transfer from the comfort of your home secure in the knowledge that the money will reach its destination on time.

2. Security

Using a well reputed online international money online payment service makes a lot of sense as it will provide foolproof security to your transactions. You would do well to go with a service provider who will neither disclose your personal financial information nor your payment method to anyone nor keep these confidential.

3. Multiple Deposit Options

Use an international money transfer service that lets your fund your remittance in multiple ways. You should have the choice of using a debit card, credit card, or sending across the money directly from your bank account. This will allow you to transfer money by using the method most convenient to you.

4. Speed of Transfer

The speed with which an international money transfer occurs is also a very important factor in your choice of service provider. For somebody who is in a hurry to remit money abroad, a good choice would be a company like WorldRemit that lets you transfer money in an hour’s time. If you are okay with a transfer that occurs in a day or two, you could, for example, choose a service like TransferWise or TorFx.

5. Total Cost of Transfer

The total cost of transfer depends upon two factors- the exchange rate offered by the service provider and the transaction fee charged by them. There is no uniformity in what different service providers might charge you for a money transfer to Canada and you should be able to exercise your discretion.

Some service providers charge very low to zero transaction fees, but more than make it up by levying a heavy premium on the exchange rate. There are others who will charge you a certain fixed fee for every transaction, but offer you an excellent exchange rate. It is for you to compare the terms offered by the various providers and choose the one that best suits your purpose.

6. Professional Customer Support

Using a new age online international money transfer service is all very well, but one should check about how good their customer support services are before signing up with them. It makes sense to go with a service provider that provides customer support 24×7. This could be by way of chat, email or telephone. Great customer support is important as it can get. It can for instance, be extremely frustrating to not have any information about the exact status of one’s international money transfer, in case of an inordinately delayed money transfer.