Manicure and nail art 2021 guide

Do you love nail art but are unsure how to get started? You have probably seen many people with their toenails and fingernails displaying unique, beautiful designs. Some of them post their nail pictures on social media, while others record short video clips to showcase their manicure and nail art. With many nail-care and art tutorials on the internet, you're only a few steps from learning nail art that could best complement your style.

What's nail art?

Nail art is simply the decorative appearance displayed on toenails or fingernails. In this form of art, you use different tools such as nail brushes, paints, and methods to obtain extra details. Various designs have been evolving for more than a millennia, leading to the nail art you see today. Generally, nail art ranges from single-color nail paint to entirely themed, beautiful pieces of art.

The tools you need

When it comes to nail art, there are many tools needed to make various designs come alive. You can buy nail art kits that come with all the tools available in the cosmetic aisles of most retail chains for pedicure and manicure nail art designs. Professional pedicurists and manicurists use such tools in their nail salons and spars.

These tools may include basics like cuticle pusher, top or base coat, polish remover, nail files, cleaning wipes, and cotton balls. Other tools are more advanced such as nail art-specific tools, including matte topcoat. It instantly gives nails a glossy finishing touch. Another advanced nail art tool is a nail polish correcting pin that helps to precisely clean the nail bed if messy mistakes happen.

Transfer foil is also another tool commonly found in nail art tool kits. It helps leave beautiful traces of oil on nails for an elegant metallic finish. The kits also contain a dotter tool that helps create large or tiny dots or circles on nails. Striper brushes help create intricate details while loose glitter helps leave your nails shimmery and shiny. There are many different nail art design tools you should know. If you must purchase them and don't know where to begin, it is essential you talk to an experienced nail artist.

Nail art design – techniques & styles

There are countless techniques and styles that could help various nail art designs come to life. Most professional pedicurists and manicurists anonymously agree that there are countless styles, both modern and traditional, that you can choose from. Whether you prefer simple nail techniques or intricate ones, elegant nail art over bold ones, there's a plethora of nail art techniques and art you can always choose from.

There are different ways of getting great ideas regarding nail art and techniques. For example, each year, beauty blogs and magazines report on the trendy or most popular nail art styles. Such publications are usually full of new and cool nail art designs you can try out. You can also use the internet to check some of the most reputable fashion websites. Social media channels like Facebook and YouTube have countless nail-art-related videos.

Stamping is one of the popular nail art designs. It allows for highly detailed images like animal prints such as leopard spots, zebra stripes, and any other intricate pattern to be printed on nails. Sponging is also another popular nail art technique that uses a sponge to allow the color to build up slowly or even blend with two or other colors to form an outstanding nail look.

Dotting is also another nail art technique that can be combined with other styles like stamping and sponging. There's also tapping, a nail art technique that requires typing off various areas of a nail and applying an additional high-quality coat of polish. This style is great for geometric patterns and lines. Also, it works perfectly with half-moon nail art designs and pedicures or manicures with French tips.

Generally, there are countless nail art styles, techniques, and designs. However, your choice will depend on various factors such as lifestyle, budget, and your preferences. Sometimes, it may be necessary to consult with a professional manicurist and pedicurist to choose a nail art technique, design, or style that best suits you. Simply book an appointment with a nail salon of choice today.

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