Maple Magic: How To Incorporate This Detail into Your Autumn Wedding

Autumn is one of the most beautiful times of the year. The cool and crisp weather and the warm earthy colour of the surroundings create a fantastic contrast that serves as a magical backdrop to the most special events, including weddings.

One detail that is a constant in during the autumn season is the maple leaves. They are the ultimate signal that fall has come and wonderful things are just right around the corner. Aside from the medley of eye-catching shades and colours that are aesthetically-pleasing and romantic, maple leaves also hold a deeper meaning. They signify love and abundance as well as longevity and balance – some traits and qualities one would want to reflect on their marriage.

If you and your partner are fall-crazy and want to give a nod to this humble yet well-loved autumn symbol on your big day, here are some wedding tips on how to do them the easy, fun, and creative way:

Lovely Leaves Decoration

There are plenty of ways you can use maple leaves as wedding decor. One is by using the leaves to line the aisle to create a natural and organic autumn-coloured carpet. It’ll add a touch of whimsy to the ceremony and will look good in photos. You may also use maple leaves in your wedding tablescape, scattering them around and creating a bewitching table runner. You can also tie them down with ribbon for some enchanting hanging decors. Another idea is that instead of paper, use maple leaves as name cards and table number cards.

Romantic Rust Palette

Rust is one of the shades reminiscent of the fall season and another creative way to make a maple leaf reference in your wedding is to dress your girl squad in rust bridesmaid dresses. Make sure that they don’t just blend in the surrounding by mixing and matching using different fabrics and textures and by adopting different earth and orange colours, from lighter tints to dark and moodier ones. Your girls are guaranteed to look gorgeous and glowing on your big day in their rust-coloured bridesmaid dresses.

Sweet Favour

Since you’re doing maple in your wedding, might as well stick to the theme and give away maple syrup in tiny jars as your wedding favour. It’ll be a sweet (literally!) guest remembrance on your equally sweet day. You can personalize the favour further by adding tags with recipes of your favourite maple dishes and desserts.

Maple Munchies

The maple leaf inspiration should not end with the decor and the attire. Food is also a big deal in weddings so why not stay on theme and serve maple-inspired food? Mini pancakes sprinkled with maple syrup, baked pears with syrup and walnuts, French toast shooters, candied nuts, maple syrup-flavoured cupcakes, maple leaf-shaped cookies, and maple syrup cocktails. The options are endless and delicious!

Maple Wonderland

Aside from decor, attire, favour, and food, here are other fun and clever ways to include maple in your wedding:

1. Fall-coloured wedding bouquet – use oranges and reds for your flowers and add in actual maple leaves instead of greenery.

2. Tuck in a hidden maple leaf in unexpected wedding elements like your menu or wedding invite.

3. Do a maple-coloured wedding cake with actual maple leaves details.

4. Create the ultimate autumn wedding arch featuring flowers and maple leaves.

5. Instead of the usual flower or greenery, use maple leaves as the groom’s boutonniere.

Found a maple wedding inspiration that you like? It’s time to plan the ultimate autumn wedding, then. Just one note: don’t limit yourself to this list and go for more unique approaches that will show you and your partner’s signature style and personality. Be bold with your choices and enjoy the process. It’ll be a happy ever after for sure.