Media Mister Review: Is it A Scam? Revealing The Truth

What We Like

  • Huge range of organic growth services
  • Assurances of 100% authenticity
  • An impressive money-back guarantee
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Extensive 60-day retention warranty

What We Don't Like

  • Limited customer support hours
  • No offer of a free trial

Bottom Line

Not content with the writeups already doing the rounds, I conducted my own in-depth Media Mister review and checked out their products firsthand. From start to finish, the whole experience was a cut above my past encounters with similar social media growth companies, and their social signals are every bit as solid as they say.

What is Media Mister?

Media Mister is a well-known social media engagement specialist, selling social proof for the world's biggest social media platforms. Buying social signals is nothing new – people (including myself) have been buying followers, friends, views, likes, shares, subscribers, downloads, and so on for years.

The difference is that Media Mister claims to offer the real deal – authentic social signals from real people. If this is the case, they're in a pretty narrow bracket of sellers that actually verify the quality of the social signals they sell. Whether they live up to their own lofty promises is what I set out to establish in my Media Mister review.

Media Mister Key Features

At a glance, there's a lot to like about the package Media Mister has put together. For me personally, these were the aspects of the Media Mister experience (and the claims they make) that stood out as most impressive of all:

Real Engagements

Media Mister offers a seriously epic range of products and services, which they claim are 100% authentic across the board. They claim to supply nothing but high-quality social signals from active and authentic accounts, which are designed to be indistinguishable from their organic equivalents.

High Retention Rate

The retention warranty is included as standard, with every purchase last for 60 days. This is the longest I've come across myself and means that any of the products you buy that drop within the first two months will be replaced at no extra cost.

Country Targeted Options

If preferred, you can also pick up a wide range of country-targeted social signals from Media Mister. This could be useful for creators looking at your target specific demographics or geographic regions with their output.

User-Friendly Website

Placing an order via the Media Mister website is as easy as it gets, and the site has a simple navigation system that gets the job done. It's not the most elaborate or ostentatiously presented website, but that's a good thing if you ask me.

Multiple Payment Methods

Payment methods accepted by Media Mister extend to all major credit and debit cards, along with online wallets and PayPal. They've also recently started accepting Bitcoin payments and a handful of other popular crypto coins.

Excellent Customer Support

Having bombarded their customer support reps with a bunch of questions myself, I can personally vouch for their professionalism and all-around pleasantness. The live chat facility is available during standard office hours (and on Saturdays) and, in my experience, always prompts a near-immediate response.

Money Back Guarantee

Perhaps the biggest deal-sweetener of all is how every product and service they sell comes with a full money-back guarantee. This translates to total peace of mind, as you know you will at least get your money back if things don't quite go to plan.

Media Mister Pricing

For a company that claims to provide nothing but 100% authentic social proof, Media Mister's products are listed at almost impossibly low prices.

I saw several packages on sale for $2.00 during my review, along with the following cost-effective options for some of the world's the most competitive platforms:

1) Facebook

  • 250 Facebook Followers for $7
  • 500 Facebook Followers for $12
  • 1,000 Facebook Followers for $20
  • 5,000 Facebook Followers for $97

2) TikTok

  • 100 TikTok Likes for $5
  • 250 TikTok Likes for $11
  • 500 TikTok Likes for $20
  • 1,000 TikTok Likes for $39

3) Twitter

  • 100 Twitter Followers for $7
  • 50 Twitter Retweets for $4
  • 25 Twitter Comments for $5
  • 50 Twitter Likes for $3

4) YouTube

  • 50 YouTube Subscribers for $10
  • 1,000 YouTube Views for $16
  • 250 YouTube Likes for $40
  • 10 YouTube Comments for $5.00

5) Other Services

  • 500 Clubhouse Followers for $76
  • 500 Discord Members for $32
  • 50 LinkedIn Endorsements for $40
  • 1,000 Pinterest Followers for $54
  • 2,500 Mixcloud Plays for $11

I also saw custom packages being mentioned, which you can apparently request directly from the Media Mister customer support team. I didn't put them to the test personally, but it's a pretty cool option if it's legit.

My Experience: I Bought and Examined 100 Facebook Followers

For the purpose of my review, I placed an order for 100 Facebook followers – priced at $3.00 at the time. As mentioned earlier, placing the order was easy – you just choose your network, select the type of product you want to buy, and indicate the quantity you need.

You then provide the URL of your profile (or page), and Media Mister starts adding your social proof over the next few days. The followers I ordered were popping up on my profile after around 45 minutes, with the rest being gradually added over the course of around 24 hours.

In total, they added 112 followers to my Facebook profile, so 12 more than I ordered.

More than the numbers, what I wanted to see was if and to what extent the followers they sell are legit. Are they real people as they claim, or are they the usual bot-generated spam?

Examined up close, they do indeed seem to be on point. The accounts I checked out (around 40 of the followers they sent me) showed no signs of being anything other than real. They had profile pictures, full bios, recent output (i.e., posts of their own), at least a handful of friends/followers, and so on.

I didn't see any of the usual empty and inactive profiles you expect when buying social proof. The followers I bought didn't interact with the profile of my content, but this is the norm – you buy followers simply to bump up the numbers.

But in terms of how they look authenticity-wise, you'd be hard-pressed to find any evidence they were purchased. Six of the followers they sent me dropped during the first week, but this still left me with six more than I paid for.

Four weeks on, I'm genuinely impressed by the way Media Mister performed, and I've still more than 100 followers holding firm on my test account.

Is Media Mister Social Signals Safe for Your Accounts?

As far as I can see, the answer is yes. Media Mister does indeed appear to use real people to add followers and other social signals to posts and profiles. They may well be accounts set up by people purely for these kinds of purposes, but they are still real people with active accounts.

In which case, there's nothing really to separate them from organic social signals, aside from the lack of subsequent interaction, which is to be expected.

Media Mister Customer Support

My only criticism with regard to Media Mister's customer support is that it is available during office hours only. Not that this is a deal-breaker, as I can't imagine many people need to hit them up at midnight.

Customer support is available from Media Mister 9 AM – 6 PM on weekdays and 9 AM – 1 PM Saturdays.

Either way, their live chat service is hugely responsive, and their reps clearly take pride in what they do. Email response times are (of course) a little slower, but you can still expect to hear back from them within the hour in most instances.

Is it Worth Finding an Alternative to Media Mister?

Media Mister is one of the dozens of long-established social media growth companies claiming to offer 100% social signals. Having put them to the test myself, I can vouch for their products as a safe bet.

From what I've seen putting similar services to the test, this is about as real as for-money social signals get. They're also sold at insanely low prices by Media Mister, and all sales are covered by a money-back guarantee.

This alone makes them worth checking out, as I can't see you finding a better deal from any comparable social media growth company. Even if you're not happy with the way they do business, you can get your money back, so it's all risk-free.

My Verdict About Media Mister

Simple yet effective – the Media Mister mantra in a nutshell. What I really like about these guys is how they don't overcomplicate things, and neither do they make false promises. Instead, they guarantee high-quality social proof from real people, and that's exactly what they deliver.

The variety of what's on offer at Media Mister is astonishing, and their low-end packages start from $2.00. Not quite as good as a free trial, but $2.00 isn't really much to put them to the test for yourself.

Personally, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Media Mister to anyone looking to drive engagement with social proof. It's not as if people haven't been buying social signals for years, so you may as well level the playing field by following their example.

Long story short – give Media Mister a shot for yourself, and I fail to see how you would be disappointed, given how ridiculously cheap everything is.