More than Wine – Other Attractions in Prince Edward County

There’s no doubt that the shining gems of Prince Edward County are its wineries. But visits to countless other attractions will round out your vacation to the county. Whether it’s artisanal cheese, galleries or festivals, the variety of activities available will ensure you’re never bored.


Regardless of your taste in art, Prince Edward County has something for you to check out. Oeno Gallery in Bloomfield carries a broad selection of local, provincial and international artists and sculptors. With exhibits on nature, abstract art and modern sculpture, the range of artworks on display is sure to pique the interests of any gallery enthusiast.


Home of Black River Cheese and Fifth Town, Prince Edward County’s cheese industry is one that closely rivals its wine industry. With an annual Great Canadian Cheese Festival, the county enters its best cheeses into competition with other cheesemakers from across the country.


It’s obvious that Prince Edward County loves its wines – what better way to celebrate them than with a festival! The celebrations begin in the spring with Terroir, an annual showcase for new County wines. As the fall approaches, the Prince Edward County Jazz Festival offers new tunes from local and provincial bands. Once the last harvest passes and the vines are laid to rest, Prince Edward County celebrates Wassail, a three-week-long series of festivities welcoming winter.


Sandbanks Provincial Park, with its luxurious sand dunes and white beaches, is just a short drive from Picton. Rent a bike and take a ride along the dunes.  Visit the “pirate coves” along the way.