Movies and casino: how to play roulette

Action movies during the early 21st century had a casino-themed storyline. For those that love James Bond (007), there's a movie titled Casino Royale, which draws synopsis from a casino house crime. So, most young adults in this century have had experiences as to how casinos operate. Some might have never been to a real on land casino house but have felt what the casino house is all about courtesy of movies. Apart from the James Bond (007) Casino Royale movie, we also have The Gambler, which also draws theme from casino house (categorically the roulette game). This movie featured lots of action scenes alongside how to play the roulette game. If you've seen this movie, The Gambler, you have what it takes to try out the roulette game, although you might need some extra strategies to pull through.

How to play Roulette

One of the most straightforward games to understand is Roulette because the rules are clear. Roulette is that game filled with excitement, glamor, and thrills and has been so since the 17th century. Understanding the basics and rules of this game matters, and it takes profound level of betters to make a fortune from the roulette table. Here are some of the ways to play Roulette

  • Understand the game before betting:

This is where most gamblers get it all wrong. There's a need for you to understand the game even before you play for real money. Casino Genie chooses the best platforms to play Roulette games for free and for real money. The roulette game is of three distinct variations, American, French, and European. Be sure to note that each of these variations has its peculiarity; hence, there's a need for every roulette player to understand each for easy navigation.

  • Choose your game and place your bets:

Once you've decided the variation of Roulette you'd be playing, you'd have to place your bets. You can easily navigate your screen by clicking on your preferred bet. Note that if you are playing Roulette on a live dealer bet, you have limited time to place your bets. But if you are playing a standard online roulette, you can time as much time as you want. Once your bets are locked in, it's time to spin the wheel.

  • Spinning the wheel:

After you've chosen your preferred game and you've placed your bet, the next step to playing Roulette is spinning the wheel. All you need do is click the corresponding bottom to spin the wheel on your screen and if it's live Roulette, wait for the live dealer to spin the wheel. Then you begin to watch out for when the wheel stops and the ball lands on a number.

  • Winning:

Once the wheel is in motion, it's now left to your strategy of choosing the winning number and partly on the no of odds the winning number takes. Once the wheel stops and the ball lands on the winning number, you've won! If that's the case, your account gets credited automatically with your potential winnings

How to play the Roulette – Tips for playing online Roulette and winning

There are several strategies to adopt in other to minimize loss and maximize earnings while playing online Roulette, and they include the following

  • Know your odds:

Knowing your odds shouldn't give you the avenue to get greedy. Greedy gamblers don't maximize earnings. You don't have to know the odds of the game you are playing before you can win maximally. However, knowing them might help increase your chances of winning. Be sure to note that the odds differ depending on the type of bet and whether you are playing American or European Roulette.

  • Be conversant of the rules/strategies:

Both table and board games have strategies and rules that beginners or gamblers can follow to maximize earnings. On Roulette, you can make use of the en prison rule on European Roulette. This rule is relatively straightforward; all you need do is place your even money bets in prison such that the ball ends on the number "0". Your potential winning is then transferred to your next game, and if you win, you get your earnings. If you lose, you equally lose your earnings

  • Don't get distracted:

By distraction, it doesn't necessarily have to be something visible to the eyes. However, you could also be distracted by visual factors. Nonetheless, don't get carried away with greed. Once you've exceeded your maximum bet for the day, be sure to opt out. Irrespective of whether you are winning or losing the game. Most times, distractions make gamblers lose all their money, including the actual betting capital and the profits. Distractions are disastrous for online roulette players. Stay focused!