My Advice for a Posh Loo

“I don’t know if less is more or more is less”  – David Gill, Gallerist

Any home renovation can be daunting, but make a few wrong turns and it can quickly turn into a nightmare. My advice is to make sure you have a clear plan and design at the earliest possible stage. Finding a very reliable and experienced contractor is also a must. Taking the lowest contractor bid for any renovation is never a good idea.

In this Master Bath reno, I wanted classic elements that related to the home’s era while looking chic and modern.  I kept all of the plumbing in its original place. Rerouting plumbing can be costly, so if you are satisfied with the layout and it functions well for you, avoid that cost and invest in more elaborate materials and fixtures elsewhere.

I like to begin my day with plenty of luxury…this is my place to loiter and get away from it all. For me this includes a look that is effortlessly stylish and has a simple colour palette. I am always happy with the pure shade of neutral – but don’t be fooled – finding that perfect white is not always easy.

My absolute must is to ensure that that any space looks immaculate and completely uncluttered. Good lighting requires lots of attention as it can dictate any room’s mood. I always use dimmer options and only white Halogen bulbs. Floor heating is essential and I recommend extending it right into the shower floor. As this is my personal Master Bath, I was not willing to compromise the decision of a seamless shower with a modern rectangular drain. This posed a challenge for the contractor, but was worth it in the end.  As is typical in a 100-year-old home, the floor was not level and walls were not square. To accommodate for this, the floors were built up and the walls feathered to allow for oversized marble wall tile.

Flip through the slideshow for photos taken during Shelley’s renovation:


My choice of an exquisite classic Statuario Marble from alexanian creates a stunning arrangement with its neutral surroundings. A timeless and contemporary oversized marble tile on the floors and walls gives understated glamour. I introduced big panels of mirrors for reflection and to visually increase the space. The bath tub and vanity are floating, giving the room more floorspace.

My attention to distinctive detail on light switches and the heat vent meant that all of the materials be marble. I had the installers custom cut each detail so it is all uniform.

Last but not least are the small luxuries that make my Posh Loo my perfect peaceful refuge. Scented candles are a must…my personal favourite is Jo Malone, and always, always include fresh flowers.

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