My experience thusfar with trying to vote in the 2022 provincial election

Last week, I received my voters' card. At first glance, I saw the word Field House, and I assumed Elections Ontario was referring to the Bethell Field House, located at 166 Frank Street. This is where I typically vote, and I live about 10-15 minutes away, and generally, really easy for me to get to.

However, things have changed as far as advanced voting locations.

If you live in Ottawa Centre, you can vote early at the following locations:

  • Rideau Curling Club (715 Cooper Street)
  • Hintonburg Community Centre (1064 Wellington Street)
  • McKellar Park Field House (539 Wavell Avenue)
  • Brewer Park Pool (100 Brewer Way)

None of the locations are near me. For me to vote at one of these locations, I would need to use public transportation, which costs money.

As a person on ODSP, I don’t think it’s fair that I should have to pay to vote. It’s an added expense to my already very little spending money.

Over the weekend, I talked about it on my Social Media. People quickly pointed out that I could also vote by mail or have Elections Ontario come to my home and vote in my living room.

For more information, visit the Elections Ontario website at

As far as voting by mail or in my home, neither choice appeals to me.

This may sound odd, but I enjoy voting in person, especially in Ottawa Centre. Voting gives me a chance to take part in my community. A community that I’ve been a part of since 1994. There’s also a chance for me to see someone that I know or meet someone new.

Besides the community aspect, I’m still able to go out. As long as I’m physically able to go out and my wheelchair works, I will go out when possible. There may come a day when I may not be physically able to go out but now is not the time.

Now, I should point out that a friend of mine informed me that Ottawa Centre NDP MPP Joel Harden is offering rides to voters in Ottawa Centre. Candidates have offered to drive me to a polling station in previous years. However, their vehicles didn’t have a ramp.

As of now, I have a ride with Joel Harden scheduled for Wednesday afternoon. Joel’s a pretty strong advocate for accessibility, and he’s aware of this specific situation. I’m hoping he either has a vehicle with a ramp or can arrange free transportation so that I (and probably others) can vote early.

If any voters in Ottawa Centre need a ride in order to vote at an advanced polling location, please fill out the form on Joel Harden’s website at

As for Election day, on June 2nd, my voting location is 474 Elgin Street, which is the Police Station. The Police station is about five minutes (or less) for me.

On a good day, it’s very easy for me to get there. However, if it rains that day, especially if it’s anything similar to the storm we had on Saturday, I’m not going out.

My current wheelchair’s pretty old. Anytime my chair gets wet, it turns into a Gremlin. I’ve had my chair suddenly take off on several occasions just because a few drops landed on my controls.

Not fun.

I’m in the process of getting a new wheelchair. In the meantime, though, I still need my old chair to keep working.

Please follow me on Social Media or return here next week for an update on my experience.

It shouldn’t be this hard for me to vote. I should just be able to roll down the street to vote.

Just like I always have.

Stay tuned