New Delhi travel guide for first-time visitors

The best time to visit the Capital city, Delhi is between October and March as the weather is pleasant and the city is overall more enjoyable during this time of the year. Airlines such as Arabia Airlines even offers attractive flight prices during such times of the year.

New Delhi Cultural Capital Of India

Due to its status as the capital of India, the city is a home to a unique population of people from different parts of the country making it a unique hotpot of culture. For first-timers, this can be interesting and is a unique feature of the city.

How To Reach?

Delhi is a well-connected city with its extensive roadways and railway routes but the fastest and most convenient way to reach the city is via flight. The Delhi airport is located within the city and is one of the most used airports of the country that welcomes flights from every part of the globe. If you are traveling from the Middle East, you can choose العربية للطيران (Arabia Airlines) for your travel as it flies directly to the city of Delhi from several cities in the Middle East.

Language In Delhi

The primary language that people of Delhi speak is Hindi, Urdu, and Punjabi but most people understand and speak English as well and all the street and place names are demarcated in English as well.

Dressing Code In New Delhi

Delhi faces extreme heat during the scorching summers and frigid cold winters. If you plan to visit in the summer months, carry long sleeves and light cotton clothes to save yourself from sunburns. And during winter visits, make sure to carry tick jackets that will keep you warm.

A Mouthful Of Flavours

There is a variety of cuisines available in Delhi, starting from spicy Mughlai inspired foods to Punjabi delicacies to traditional Indian sweets to please your taste buds. Make sure to try out the lip-smacking street food while in Delhi such as parathas, golgappe, chaats, chole bhature, samosas, and the list never ends.

Major Attractions In New Delhi

Several factors make the capital city of Delhi attractive to the tourists as it has something for everybody. There are beautifully architected historical buildings for the history buffs, Chandni Chowk, Sarojini Nagar, and Select City mall for those who want to shop, mouth-watering street food for the foodies. And Delhi is also home to the Indian Parliaments and other important Indian government offices.

Festivals In Delhi

All Indian cities celebrate all festivals with immense enthusiasm and joy but visiting Delhi during the festival of Dussehra and Diwali will make you swoon with all its lights, happiness, and glory. Holi is another such festival celebrated in India that should earn a spot on your bucket list, other than the Hanuman Janma Utsav, Eid, Suraj Kund Mela, Shiv Ratri, and Mango festival celebrated very gloriously in the city.

Museums In New Delhi

If visiting museums and immersing yourself in history is what you want to do, then Delhi might just be the perfect holiday destination for you. After visiting the historical monuments, make your way to the National Museum, Gallery of Modern Art, Science Centre, Red-Fort archeological Museum, The Gandhi Smriti, and Indian Air force museum to finish your tour.

Historical Places In New Delhi

Delhi is laced in history from historical buildings such the Qutub Minar to monuments and the India Gate, Red Fort, Lotus temple, Jama masjid, Akshar Dham, Purana Qila, and lots more.

Where To Stay?

Delhi is one of the major metropolitan cities located in central India and has several five-star resorts available to make you feel like royalty on your visit. Other than that, there are several other hotels and homestays available to make your stay comfortable. You can checkout online travel websites such as cleartrip to get more information and details.

What To Buy?

Chor Bazar, Delhi Haat, and Sarojini Nagar are very popular shopping destinations. You can shop anything as per your heart’s content, starting from thrift clothes to spices, traditional Indian musical instruments to trinkets and souvenirs, Indian sweets to imported electronic goods. So, when are you planning to visit the capital city of India?

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