NHL players’ stay-in-shape workouts for self-isolation

Thus far, 2020 has not been a particularly good year for training and fitness. Neither has it been a good year for sport, though this should all be set to change before long. But even in the best of times, having a solid fitness routine for keeping you in shape is always an essential resource for athletes. Here are some of the ways NHL stars have been doing this.

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Many NHL players are substituting their skates for rollerblades, and skates company, Bauer, has seen interest in their products rise by over 700 per cent. Partick Marleau of the Pittsburgh Penguins can be seen in an Instagram clip gliding through his house on blades, while his son chases him. More home workout ideas like this can be found on social media with tag #HockeyAtHome.

At home with a family of seven, Trevor Moore of the Los Angeles Kings follows a strict fitness routine of free weights, exercise bike, running, and swimming. All family members are included in the fitness program, which is helped by the fact that one of Trevor’s sisters is a personal trainer.

Peloton bikes have been useful resources for NHL stars like Duron Harmon of Detroit Red Wings and P.K. Subban of the New Jersey Devils. Subban also works out in his makeshift home gym alongside his fiancée, Lindsay Vonn, a former Olympic skier. Many players have a Peloton bike or have recently ordered one, like New York Islanders forward, Anders Lee.

Marc Staal of the New York Rangers also has a treadmill at his Connecticut home. Like Nick Foligno of the Columbus Blue Jackets, other NHL players are lucky enough to have their own complete home gyms. Foligno trains with his brother Marcus, a forward for Minnesota Wild.

Many NHL stars have been keeping their hockey skills honed with the use of a hockey stick and that suddenly-so-valuable commodity – a toilet roll. Tomas Tatar of the Montreal Canadiens can be seen on social media showing off his skills of keeping the toilet roll in the air.

Mikey Anderson of the Los Angeles Kings and his brother Joey Anderson, forward for the New Jersey Devils, have been staying at their family home in Minnesota. The brothers have been occupying their time during lockdown with a series of competitions, for which the prize is a pack of toilet paper.

Connor McDavid of the Edmonton Oilers, along with his trainer and former NHL player, Gary Roberts, has been on a personal mission to keep children fit and healthy during the lockdown. They have been doing this through 15-minute workouts that are aimed at young people who are away from school. The workouts can be done at home and without any special equipment needed. 

During the lockdown, it is crucial to stay in shape and focussed, so we can be completely ready when it is finally time to return to the ice.