• By: Isabel Payne

OLM Pet of the Week- Meet Nuka

It’s time for OLM’s Pet of the Week again and this week we want you to meet a tough little dude called Nuka. Nuka is a domestic-shorthaired kitty who is approximately one-year-old. He is currently up for adoption with Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue.

This playful fellow first came into the rescue with a fast-growing tumour on his face. Vet check-ups found the tumour to be an uncommon feline sarcoid, which required specialized surgery to remove. Thankfully, his surgery was a great success and since the tumour didn’t spread anywhere else in his body, he should live a happy and normal life with a relatively low chance of the tumour returning! Nuka is a very outgoing cat who loves to snuggle. When he was moved to a new foster, it took less than a minute for him to settle on his foster's lap. He is a very active and playful cat and loves to play hide-and-seek! He would do great in a home with another cat close to his age who also loves to wrestle. While he has been around children, he would better suit a home with older kids due to his high energy and tendency to play and wrestle with his claws out.

When Nuka was younger, he had a broken leg which healed in a way that now prevents him from straightening his back leg. This does not cause him any pain, but it means he has a slight hop to his step and doesn’t walk as quietly as other cats might. His future family just needs to know that he may develop arthritis or similar issues in the future and should prepare to care for him if and when that happens. Even with his leg, nothing can slow this guy down! He’s a chatty little fellow who isn’t afraid to voice his opinion to the world and will often walk around letting you know exactly what he thinks. He is litter trained, and good with cat-savvy dogs. He also has a healthy appetite and will eat both dry and wet foods well.

If you’re interested in adopting Nuka, visit Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue’s website and fill out the Adoption Interest Application.

About the Rescue: Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue is a no-kill, volunteer-run rescue established in 2011. OSCatR takes in stray and abandoned cats and socializes them in foster homes before adopting them out to forever homes. The rescue also helps manage feral colonies by humanely trapping and sterilizing strays before returning them to the colony. The adoption process involves a meet and greet with the adoptee to ensure a good match before the adoption is finalized. OSCatR can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

OLM Pet of the Week is a weekly segment on our site which showcases adoptable pets in our Capital. Each week a new pet will be featured in order to help them find a loving forever home. Any Ottawa-based animal rescue interested in having an adoptable pet featured can email isabel@ottawalife.com.