• By: Isabel Payne

OLM Pet of the Week- Meet Parker

OLM’s Pet of the Week is back with our first feature of 2017! Meet Parker, a six-year-old cutie who is available for adoption from Catahoula Rescue Ontario. The rescue’s best guess is that he is a Maltese/Poodle mix, which makes him a good match for potential adopters with allergies.

Parker is simply the friendliest and most laid back little guy! He came to Catahoula Rescue as a stray and was completely unrecognizable from how he looks now. He was covered in matted fur and looked very scruffy, but this cutie sat calm and patiently for three whole hours while the CRO founder brushed out all of the mats. Parker abosolutely loves being close to people and will happily follow his humans around wherever they go! He is also the king of greetings, making sure you know just how happy he is to see you again, even if you’ve only been gone for five minutes! If you’re looking for a sweet and loving dog, look no further than Parker!  

While Parker gets along well with other dogs, he struggles with his relations with cats, so a cat-free home is best suited for him. He is 100% house trained, and can be left to roam free when you’re not at home as he wont chew on your belongings. When he is excited, he can be quite vocal, so a detached home would be best. Parker is neutered, up to date on vaccinations, and has had all his dental work completed.

If you think Parker is the right fit for your home, please contact Catahoula Rescue Ontario at catahoulaontario@gmail.com.

About the rescue: Catahoula Rescue Ontario works in conjuction with Catahoula Inc., and is a rescue which advocates for homeless Catahoulas and Catahoula mixes. Catahoula Rescue Ontario is run 100% by volunteers and all of their expenses are paid for via donations. They foster homeless dogs and work hard to place them in loving permanent forever homes.

OLM Pet of the Week is a weekly segment on our site which showcases adoptable pets in our Capital. Each week a new pet will be featured in order to help them find a loving forever home. Any Ottawa-based animal rescue interested in having an adoptable pet featured can email isabel@ottawalife.com.