• By: Isabel Payne

OLM Pet of the Week- Meet Toby

Meet Toby, a 5-year-old Sharpei mix who is this week’s OLM Pet of the Week! Toby is cute as a button and is up for adoption with Freedom Dog Rescue!

This sweet boy is a big snugglebug and loves to cuddle with his people. He is very playful and is completely obsessed with his squeaky toys! Toby is very patient and will often wait nicely by the door for his walks or to find out what the plans are for the day. His favourite hangouts include laying on his bed or on the floor, though he’s been trained to no sit on his most favourite place: the couch. He initially appeared to be a couch potato, but proved his foster parents wrong with his high energy and now gets around 3 walks a day. He is still working on his leash manners and tends to pull quite strongly on the leash. With proper training, Toby would make the perfect jogging partner! While he is very eager to please, he can also be stubborn and will sometimes not come when called, or will race up and down the stairway as people are trying to leave.

Toby would do best in a separated home since he does have some separation anxiety and will bark when his people leave. He would also as an only dog as he has shown some aggression towards other dogs while at off-leash parks and when they come near his toys. While Toby is respectful of cats, he is very interested in chasing animals outside. He is great with kids, and has been exposed to children of various ages ranging from infant to teens. Toby is currently on a low-ingredient diet to help his itchy paws and sensitive skin. It is recommended that his future family get him a coat and get him used to wearing booties as his feet are very sensitive and he gets cold easily. He is house trained, in the process of being crate trained, though his fosters usually just gate him in the kitchen while they’re out.

If Toby sounds like the right fit for your home, you can fill out an adoption application form on the Freedom Dog Rescue website, or email freedomdogadoptions@gmail.com for more information.

About the Rescue:

Freedom Dog Rescue is an Ottawa-based not-for-profit organization founded in 2015. Running entirely on volunteers and foster homes, Freedom Dog is dedicated to helping dogs locally and internationally find loving forever homes. All dogs from Freedom Dog Rescue are spayed/neutered and are up-to-date on their vetting. Their adoption process includes an application form, a home visit and a meet-and-greet to ensure that both and owner and the dog are the right match. They can also be found on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

OLM Pet of the Week is a weekly segment on our site which showcases adoptable pets in our Capital. Each week a new pet will be featured in order to help them find a loving forever home. Any Ottawa-based animal rescue interested in having an adoptable pet featured can email isabel@ottawalife.com.