• By: Allen Brown

Online Betting in Ontario: Laws & Regulations

The Law, and How it Affects Us

Everything we do, every little aspect of our lives, from brushing our teeth, to walking down the street, is regulated by the law, as it makes sure that what we are doing is fully legal, and makes sure to prosecute those who break these laws.

It’s what separates us from the animals, as every human society, even those isolated and untouched from our main society has its own set of regulations to keep its members in check. The law regulates each sector of our lives to make sure of said sectors.

Even within us, one can note that we have our own set of laws, laws of Morality, and Justice, that we follow to live the best lives that we can and to help others live similarly. This varies from person to person but the main idea is very much there.

One can say, that law means only as much as the people who enforce it, and though a number of legal practitioners within the legal powers may waver within their duties, such as was seen in the case of Ontario Attorney General Yasir Naqvi, who released a suspect without a bail hearing, many legislators hold the law as sacred.

This is no exception within the realm of gambling and sports betting, all around the world and in Ontario this also rings true. Within this article, I will be going over the different laws surrounding sports betting and gambling, with specific reference to the Canadian province of Ontario.

The Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act: A Turning Point for Canadians Anywhere

On August 27th, 2021. the safe and regulated sports betting act fully came into effect across Canada. This led to the introduction of a strong number of online sportsbooks available within Ontario, and other provinces where anyone could bet on any sport at any time, and reap some of the best promos on the market.

What this act essentially entailed was the introduction and full legalization of single-game wagering on all forms of sport. Before this, Canada had already legalized sports betting in some form, in 1985. Back then, the way one could maybe bet was through moneyline wagers only and was in the form of a lottery. Though limited, it was a step back into Canada’s original roots in the 1800s, where sports betting ran rampant, until its criminalization in 1892, with the Introduction of the criminal code.

When the Safe and regulated sports betting act came to be in 2021, this was a huge turn of events within Ontario. The Bill was passed in February of 2021 but only came into full effect in August. Still, within the timeframe between February and August, there were a heavy number of changes that Ontario Made to cement its name within Canada. While Ottawa is the capital of Canada, Ontario is the Gambling Capital of Canada.

The Establishment of iGaming in Ontario

Gaming in Ontario was one of the most significant adjustments that were made to the Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act when compared to the other modifications that were implemented. The Ontario Alcohol and Gaming Commission created iGaming Ontario as a subsidiary organization so that it could function as the primary regulating agency for gaming and sports betting within the area. IGaming Ontario was founded in July of 2021, a month before the Bill had been fully established.

The Opening of Sports Betting Via Third-Party Operators in Ontario

When it comes to the various ways in which one can place a wager, the province of Ontario made the decision to not limit its players to just the sportsbooks that were backed by the government.

Instead, shortly after the bill was passed in the Canadian Parliament, the Ontario Provincial Government made it possible for third-party operators to host their own sportsbooks within the province of Ontario when the bill would be passed, as long as they were fully licenced and therefore eligible to Host their own Sportsbook.

BETMGM, FanDuel, and bet365 are just a few examples of the most well-known and widely used sportsbooks that are accessible to residents of Ontario.

Closing Arguments

Looking at the laws in Ontario in regards to sports betting and Online Gambling, one can clearly see that this is not one of, but the most progressive province within Canada, and possibly one of the most progressive within the world, as it not only allows for the introduction of sports betting, but also chooses to allow third party operators to open their doors to the Canadian public, whilst making sure the right bodies are in place to regulate this act of sports betting.

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