Online businesses you can start today

Is the world economy making you think twice about going to work for a large corporation that might be out of business within a few months? Are you like many other hard-working adults who seek a more stable, long-term occupation that you can do from home, all by yourself? If so, 2022 is the perfect year to go solo and start your own online company. What are the options?

You've probably heard of dozens of ideas from people who already work as independent service providers or sellers of tangible products. The critical thing to remember about running a sole proprietorship is that you must find your own customers and fund the first few months of operations. Few startups start turning a profit from day one. Most need at least three or more months to reach the break-even point. So, if you have a modest amount of capital and the willingness to dive into the world of entrepreneurship, here are several of the very best ideas.

College Application Facilitator

Application assistants for college-bound students are in demand. What do they do? Also called app facilitators, they focus on helping young students fill out lengthy applications to maximize their chances of acceptance. The main portion high school pupils have trouble with is the essay, a section on nearly every college and university application. Besides working with youngsters and their parents to craft a perfect essay, CAFs give advice to parents and students about where to find the best scholarships, grants, and student loans. If you have an eye for detail, are an excellent writer, and know your way around college application questions, you can stay busy year-round with this growing field.

Brokerage Affiliate

If working with securities brokers and large brokerage firms is your idea of an interesting career field, consider becoming an affiliate to a regulated broker. The number one job of affiliates is to help brokerages find new clients. When you join AvaPartner, AvaTrade's affiliate program, you'll get plenty of support from the company, including educational resources, marketing materials, and training. Most affiliates in this area build their own websites or blogs that are designed to attract people who might be shopping for a broker. If you have a flair for assembling great websites, posting relevant blog content, and using all your skills to bring new customers on board with a regulated brokerage firm, working as an affiliate is an excellent way to earn generous commissions, make your own hours, and never leave the comfort of your home office.

Editor or Freelance Content Creator

Do you often find yourself making mental corrections to things you read or hear? If so, you're probably the perfect candidate for being a document editor or freelance content writer. Many people who find it easy to correct or create written content thrive as entrepreneurs. You'll need an attractive website, a modest amount of marketing and promotion (which you can outsource if necessary), and the persistence to spend a couple of months locating your first round of clients. First-time authors and small companies who need regular blog posts are your target market.

Personal Administrative Assistant

With more companies opting to work remotely as virtual firms, there's a huge demand for independent administrative assistants (AAs), commonly called personal assistants. Businesses and corporations that want to avoid hiring many in-house support personnel often search for self-employed AAs. The beauty of this kind of startup is that you only need a few clients to make it highly profitable. It's up to you to decide whether to make your AA business a part-time or full-time pursuit. The job has staying power, too. AAs were among the first fully online workers more than two decades ago when working from home, on a computer no less, was still a rare activity.

Non-Profit Fundraiser

Like AAs, independent fundraisers who raise cash on behalf of non-profit corporations and charitable foundations can make a career out of working for just one or two clients. If you don't mind calling individuals, businesses, and institutions and asking them for direct donations, being a non-profit fundraiser is a perfect job for anyone who wants to work a few hours per week or full-time.

Data Entry and Transcription Worker

Transcribers and data entry workers don't earn the highest pay in the work from home industry, but they tend to have the most job security. That's because fast typists and keyboard jockeys are always in demand. In fact, since the early 1900s, people with quick fingers have always enjoyed stable careers, decent income, and the chance to earn more as they gain experience.

Photo: Pexel