• By: Katie Hartai

Ottawa Art Gallery Launches ArtWise

Bridging the gap between older adults and younger generations is exactly what the Ottawa Art Gallery hopes to do with ArtWise, its new volunteer programming council.

Collaborating with gallery staff, local artists and invited guests, the OAG ArtWise council will aim to provide opportunities for a broad range of ages to actively participate in projects at the gallery that reflect their passions. Some of these new programs will include lectures, showcases, field trips, workshops and events.

N7xTQdq6QK6odkab8wQRNAfsvGiFwJvt2uKBZ01oTy8 (1)ArtWise recognizes museum planning often strengthens the separation of generations by dividing audiences based on age (youth, families, seniors, etc.). OAG created ArtWise to combine people from all walks of life in a culturally embracive environment, allowing them to explore common interests together. Ensuring maximum inclusion, ArtWise will make translation and accessibility support available for anyone requesting it.

“There is so much that generations can learn from each other, but in our society, engaged interactions between older and younger people don’t often happen naturally. It is something that is well worth working at” says Petra Halkes, an Ottawa-based artist and independent curator.

OAG is Ottawa’s independent public art gallery featuring contemporary and 20th century art. For 25 years it has been a cultural meeting place for artists and community members, where they can examine and take part in exhibitions, talks, tours and publications. The Ottawa Art Gallery operates as a not-for-profit registered charity and is run by a volunteer Board of Directors.

For more information visit the OAG website.

Ottawa Art Gallery is looking for volunteers of all ages and from a diverse background to be part of the ArtWise programming council. If interested, please contact Stephanie Nadeau at snadeau@ottawaartgallery.ca or 613-233-8699, ext. 227.