• By: Gene Edwards

Ottawa is a primary destination for Americans for testing

Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak, the world has been seeing major changes in very quick succession. Ever since the first infection in the city of Wuhan, China, more than 400,000 confirmed cases have arisen around the world to this date and more can be expected in the future.

Before a patient can be diagnosed with corona, they’ll first need to be tested for the virus. While some countries provide their citizens with tests paid for either by the government or by their health care, Americans have reported these tests costing them thousands of dollars.

Because of the hefty price tag associated with testing for the virus, Americans look for alternate ways of testing themselves for the virus. One of the workarounds that is commonly used is simply becoming a blood donor, as the process itself is free and doctors are required to test you for various different diseases/viruses.

Another method to overcome the price tag is to take the test in another country altogether, where the testing pricing is a lot more acceptable, or in some cases even outright free. Because of the distance between the United States of America and Canada, Ottawa has become a sort of a hotspot for Americans for testing.

But the downside of testing for the virus in another country is that if you test positively, then you’ll be taken into quarantine and be unable to return to your country. Being stranded in another nation can be rather stressful for individuals, especially for those aren’t familiar with it.

Luckily, in today’s day and age, we have a magnitude of options available to us at our fingertips to distract ourselves and take our minds off the situation in the form of the Internet. With so many of us sitting at home with nothing to do, the extremity of the “nothing” depending on our jobs before the quarantine, it should come as no surprise to see Internet-based activities gain popularity.

Gaming specifically has gotten a boost in popularity. Now, that’s not to say they weren’t popular in the first place, but with their physical counterparts forcibly shutting down, the online platforms that provide similar experience have gained more interest from the public. While gaming can be a great source of recreation, it leaves people with the fear of losing their funds. Luckily, certain casinos allow people to play without having to actually deposit anything from their own pockets, but for this, people will need to know the no deposit bonus codes Canada 2020.

Physical casinos weren’t the only businesses affected though, many businesses have suffered due to the coronavirus outbreak and as a matter of fact, the majority of the world has been outright shut down and taken into quarantine, with mostly nobody being allowed to leave their place of residence. Sadly, the need to practice self-isolation applies to everyone, regardless of their infection status, as they might either contract the virus outside or even be carrying it already and it simply lies dormant and asymptomatic, which is still transmittable to others.

As it currently stands, the mortality rate of the virus is relatively low, hovering around the 4% mark overall with chances increasing with the person’s age, as well as in people with any auto-immune disorders or smokers.

Regardless of the percentage, people are suffering from the virus and even if we ourselves are not in any immediate danger from it, we need to keep in mind that we’re putting those around us in danger as well. It should be our responsibility to care for others, especially the elderly and very young children who are more prone to the disease, by staying inside and waiting for the hard-working doctors all around the world to develop a cure for the virus.