• By: OLM Staff

Ottawa Life Magazine’s COVID-19 coverage

Love and hope in a time of COVID

By Marc Kealey

Help each other in adversity to build a community of common health for mankind

By Cong Peiwu, Chinese Ambassador to Canada

Handbook of COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment

By OLM Staff

What I learned from the COVID-19 response in Sweden

By Mohammad-Reza Ghovanloo

“What we do today will define tomorrow”

By the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey

City Councillor Shawn Menard launches COVID-19 financial support guide

By OLM Staff

Using the Emergencies Act to ramp up testing and track COVID-19

By Colleen M. Flood, Teresa Scassa

Get the Government of Canada Covid-19 app now!

By OLM Staff

Seniors with frailty will be hardest hit by COVID-19

By John Muscedere

G20 meeting signals the end of the beginning of Covid-19

By Dan Donovan

Stories of connection in the age of lockdowns

By Michael Bussiere

Canada is at war with COVID-19: We must survive and prosper again 

by George Petrolekas

Premier Doug Ford declares state of emergency in Ontario

By OLM Staff

Don’t leave older Canadians behind in COVID-19 preparedness

By Dr. John Muscedere

Advance care planning more important now than ever

By Amy Doyle

Mistakes have been made. Lessons must be learned. This cannot happen again.

By Walter Robinson

The COVID-19 pandemic and the danger of social media

By Marc Kealy

How the mother of invention turned out to be a global pandemic

By Michael Burns

Why has Canada’s data collection during the pandemic been so bad?

By Michael Wolfson

COVID-19 disruption reveals challenges in our meat supply

By Sarah Berger Richardson

Charitable sector essential during COVID-19 crisis, and beyond, but needs support

By Doug Roth

Lifting restrictions before it is time may cost lives

by George Petrolekas

China calls for cooperation while Trump plays the blame game

by OLM Staff

8 myths and rumors about the COVID-19 epidemic and China

By OLM Staff

What the West can learn from post-pandemic China

By Haley Temple-Donovan

China and Canada are working together to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic

By Cong Peiwu, Chinese Ambassador to Canada

A digital vaccination scar for the 21st Century

By Kumanan Wilson, MD, MSc, FRCPC

China’s President Xi commits 2 Billion to WHO’s COVID-19 Fight

By OLM Staff

China uses technology to track COVID-19 — will the west follow

By Dan Donovan

Covid-19: Telling half-truths never ends well

By John Scott Cowan

Check out YUNAL, the Canadian-made COVID-19 prevention app

By Sofia Donato