Ottawa Startup Ecosystem – an awaiting opportunity

The city of Ottawa was founded in 1826 as Bytown. The municipal corporation in 1855 was a great opportunity for a new chapter in the history of the city. Gradually, throughout the years, Ottawa developed into the modern political center of the country. The capital of Canada is located on the bank of the Ottawa River, in the southern part of the province of Ontario. According to the estimation from 2021, the population of the city is 1,032,910 with 439,970 households.

There are over 200 institutions for higher education, including the University of Ottawa and Carleton University, which is one of the reasons why citizens of Ottawa are among the most educated in the country.

The Ottawa-Gatineau region has the sixth-highest city household income. The unemployment rate in November 2021 was 4.6%, which is 0.8% less, compared to the previous month of the same year. The city is also known as a Canadian technology centre and the hometown of several well-known companies and regional headquarters. This particular circumstance makes Ottawa one of the most attractive tech hubs in the region. Most of these companies are specialized in modern technologies, such as software development, telecommunications, and environmental technology.  

Ottawa as a business destination for startups

Because of many educational opportunities and the presence of modern technology representatives, Ottawa is recognized as a welcoming, innovative, inspiring, and future-oriented business environment for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and startups. Business tax costs are among the lowest in the G7 group which makes it ideal not just for startups but also for relocation of the business for further expansion.

However, opening a startup business in such a diverse and competitive environment can be frightening, especially for newcomers. Luckily, the Ottawa startup ecosystem has many outsourcing solutions for new businesses that are particularly beneficial for beginners. AWISEE is a well-known agency specialized in providing highly professional outsourced SEO Outreach services. They’ve helped many startups to successfully boost company rankings and increase brand awareness in Canada.

This unique Canadian startup ecosystem is exceptionally supportive in assisting entrepreneurs with various kinds of resources, not just in the beginning but also through other stages of their business journey. More than a few business networks, institutions, and organizations in Ottawa created structured programs and already assisted over 5,000 talented people with knowledge and ideas to start their businesses.

Starting the Startup in Ottawa

Why not start with The Global Startup Ecosystem Index Report 2021 and Ottawa startup ecosystem overview. This type of report can be very useful as they aim to provide information about startup-friendly locations. According to the latest data, Canada’s capital city is ranked 4th in Canada and 35th in North America. Business-wise, it’s a good place for hardware and IoT, eCommerce and retail, and food tech startups.

Also, it could come in handy to read Ecosystem, Education and Mindset of Startups in Canada’s Capital, a study that conducted in-deep research on the “mindset of startups” in Ottawa and collected first-hand information about the implementation of the economic development policies. This particular study based its findings on online surveys and interviews with the Ottawa startup community. The gathered information can be convenient not just for Ottawa startup newcomers but for any new business owner, in general.

The final browsing could be to find a non-profit organization such as Futurpreneur Canada. Their major focus is on helping young Canadians start their businesses. In Addition to mentoring, this organization is also assisting in finding financial business resources for people with ideas and passion. Through their mentoring programs, future business owners can learn various business skills such as marketing, business planning, and cash flow management.

Photo: Pixabay