Ottawa’s business social for high achieving professionals

– Elevate your after five with RÄNDA VOO

RÄNDA VOO’s stylish and exclusive business socials are monthly events that bring together like-minded professionals from across Ottawa’s business community – entrepreneurs, medical professionals, lawyers, accountants, real estate agents, public servants, IT consultants and others to learn, engage, and unwind.These popular soirees are held at some of Ottawa’s most popular downtown venues and feature upbeat music, appetizers, cocktail specials and prizes.   

According to Forbes Magazine, "Whether you are early in your career, established and content with your current role, or looking for your next opportunity, building and nurturing your personal and professional network is tremendously beneficial." Yet another article states, "you’ll form greater connections with people and ensure that your message is truly received."   

Most importantly, RÄNDA VOO events are an opportunity for high achieving professionals to unwind in a relaxed upscale social venue and while keeping current with the many dynamic things happening within the business community and with professionals and leaders in the region.

To get a sense of where many of the great minds of the capital gather to unwind and reconnect check out this RÄNDA VOO video:

If you would like to participate in a RÄNDA VOO event, visit their website for more info!