Ottawa’s Gambling Scene

As a whole, Canada is tolerant to gambling but the industry is also heavily regulated. For a Canadian based business to set up as a sportsbook or casino, they must go through strict legislation in order to obtain a license.

There are relatively few online casino Canada providers who are located within the country, but the rules do allow for offshore operators. Any overseas business that is happy to take on players from Canada can do so subject to their own terms and conditions.

The government also passes down responsibility for rulings to its provinces. As a result, there are different approaches to the gambling industry depending on where you happen to live. One of the more relaxed attitudes can be found in Ottawa so let us take a closer look at the gambling scene here.

Steady Flow

Unlike many parts of the world, statistics relating to gambling revenue in Canada have been relatively steady. Income in 2011 came in at $15.84 billion USD and the figure has hovered around the 15 billion mark, for much of the following ten years.

There has been something of a recent dip, however, and projections for 2021 suggest that the revenue numbers will finish at $14.04 billion. That reduction is not untypical when we look at certain other countries and could just be a reflection of the global economy as a whole.

Generally, this is a thriving sector, but some provinces are providing more of a contribution than others.

The gambling revenue in Canada is estimated at around $15 billion.

A Bustling Scene

When it comes to choosing an online casino, Canada has plenty of choice for those who are allowed to gamble by their respective province. Land based casinos are also in situ across most of the country.

A high concentration of these establishments can be found in Ottawa and those that play in them have split opinions as to which is the best. Perhaps the most glamorous is the Rideau Carleton Raceway which has recently entered into a partnership with the Hard Rock Cafe.

As a result of the new agreement, patrons can now enjoy horse racing and music events alongside their casino play. Gaming remains at the forefront of this location, however, with a huge choice of card and table options plus many thousands of slot machines.

Those who want to focus on the slots and tables tend to prefer the Casino du Lac Leamy. This location is notable because it has games to suit all playing budgets including slot machines that accept one cent stakes.

Other popular casino destinations in Ottawa include Overbrook and the Cardinal Agency. Each has something different to offer and they all combine to make this one of the most exciting and diverse gambling regions in Canada.

As a province that offers lots for visitors to enjoy, Ottawa has a thriving tourism industry and casinos provide important revenue in relation to this.

Ottawa has several land-based casinos where both locals and tourists can visit and play.

Heading Online

Throughout 2020 there was something of a shift towards online casino play while physical establishments were inaccessible. Prior to this, however, there was already a significant shift in the revenue figures relating to digital gambling.

The element of convenience has a big role to play in this and, there is the potential to provide almost infinite choice. A physical casino might boast that it has over 3,000 slot machines but all of them will follow a similar theme.

In the online world, many thousands of different themed slots have been created with bonus rounds, free spins, and additional features while some of those games also carry huge, life-changing progressive jackpots.

Additional versions of roulette, poker and blackjack are also in place and all titles can be played in the comfort of the individual’s own home.

Making the Choice

The choice between online play and gambling at casinos in person will always be down to the individual. Online portals have that advantage of convenience, and they also have a much wider selection of titles than a bricks and mortar establishment could ever hope to match.

One thing that online casinos cannot match is the atmosphere of a night at the tables. The buzz and the excitement of playing in real life scenarios among a busy crowd cannot be replicated. Digital operators have attempted to emulate their physical counterparts through live rooms, but these are solitary areas with one dealer and no other players.

While the atmosphere of physical casinos continues to stand out, they will always have a place in the gambling scene.

Popular Across the Board

Whether it’s a land-based casino or a digital operator, there are some games which will remain popular throughout. Classic card games such as poker, blackjack and baccarat are available across all mediums along with all the major versions of roulette.

Among the classic images that we see from physical casinos are the huge banks of slot machines. These are replicated by online casinos too with many hundreds of developers producing thousands of different titles.

Online casinos can provide more choice and there are some interesting twists on regular card and table games. For many players, however, it is all about keeping things simple and focusing on the classics.

The gambling scene in Ottawa is a lively one and, while there may be more casinos in other parts of the country, there are some exceptional establishments here. With other great tourist sites in place, it is a perfect place to come for an all-round package vacation.