Paradise in the Sun’s Path Awaits You at Cayo Levantado Resort

Are you looking to escape the ravages of a Canadian winter and find yourself in an extraordinary Caribbean paradise? Of course, you are. Then look no further than Cayo Levantado Resort, an exquisite haven nestled on a breathtakingly picturesque island in the Dominican Republic. This enchanting destination promises a vacation like no other, where lush tropical landscapes meet azure waters, and every day feels like a rejuvenating dream come true.

Getting to Cayo Levantado Resort

The Cayo Levantado Resort guest experience begins the minute you step out of Santo Domingo airport. I walked out the door and was greeted by a driver who was hired by the resort to take me on the 1.5-hour trip to Samaná. The resort’s lobby is a separate building located on the mainland, where I was greeted by radiant smiles as sunny as the day.  A quick check-in was followed by a 10-minute boat shuttle from the Simi Baez jetty to the island. That’s when things began to feel very, very special as the outside world faded into the distance.

The island of Cayo Levantado itself lay before me like a scene from a myth, a world unto itself where the cares of life dissolve in the warm embrace of an imagined paradise. But this is not the stuff of the imagination. Cayo Levantado Resort is a real place dedicated to ensuring your stay is not just comfortable, but truly unforgettable. Off the boat, more friendly smiles and I knew that this was all actually happening. Before long, I met my ‘ambassador’ who attended to my every wish. Once a tropical drink was placed in my hand, Jimmy Buffett’s words came to mind. “If there’s heaven for me, I’m sure it has a beach attached to it.”

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Photos: Courtesy Grupo Piñero