• By: Marie Waine

Pass the Cheese, Please!

That ooey-gooey, smelly stuff–we just can’t get enough! Throw it on a salad or in between your favourite slices of bread; melt it, fry it or just take a bite. Cheese is our favourite five-letter word this summer.

Let cheese melt your hearts by turning backyard barbeques into flavoursome feasts. Nothing beats the heat than some good gouda or scrumptious swiss. Try out some new cheeses this weekend to kick your burger up a notch! Not sure what cheese to use? Here are a few favourites and when to best use them:


Good ol’ slices of American cheese are all you need to please a crowd. Inexpensive and easy to find, this cheese melts easily and goes best with all-American burgers and hot dogs. But be careful, melt it too much and this cheese turns into a mess.


Aged cheddar makes the perfect burger topper—sharp and versatile. Pair it with beef and any items with Latin or Southwestern undertones.

Pepper Jack

Packed with punch, pepper jack will not let your taste buds down. Hot pepper flakes are what brings the heat! Add it to any meat that lacks some flavour. Pepper jack is easy to find and easy to melt.

Blue Cheese

Your family and friends will either love you or hate you for this choice. Loaded with flavour, blue cheese crumbles and is creamy—but can be so overpowering, it clears a room! Choose from a variety between sweet and strong to pair with your beef burger.


Dream of this creamy cheese wheel as you layer it on top of your favourite veggie or chicken burger. This soft, flavourful cheese melts easily to add instant appeal to your meal. The French dubbed brie the “King of Cheeses,” so be sure to not let it get too ooey-gooey on the grill!

Get slicing Ottawa Lifers! Let us know how your burgers turn out this weekend and if you find a favourite cheese.

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©2014 Weber-Stephen Products LLC. Information from Weber’s Big Book of Burgers™ by Jamie Purviance. Used with permission.