Plinko: Facts you may have never known about the game

Plinko is one of the best casino games to try out. It is a lucrative game that is still relatively new to the iGaming industry, which is all the more incentive to give it a shot and have an unforgettable experience.

Plinko is a game that you need to take into consideration if you're looking for variety, especially if you want to switch things up from the typical blackjack, baccarat, and other casino games. More casino platforms have included this game in their catalogue and it continues to bring players fun for its sizable payouts.

Over time, Plinko has gained popularity. In fact, Plinko has always been popular in Canada.  Many gamblers have enjoyed getting the best wins in this game, and you can be confident that you will also have a fruitful experience unlike any other.

If you are new to Plinko, here are some facts you should know:

Plinko originated from a TV game show

The game show ‘The Price is Right’ featured a segment on Plinko when it first debuted. One of the most well-liked game shows in the country, it offered a variety of games that participants could play for a chance to win big prizes that amount to thousands of dollars.

Plinko was one of these games that quickly gained widespread popularity. The game has advanced greatly since Bob Barker first introduced it in January 1983. The first-ever player to participate was a woman named Judy, who took home an impressive $6,500.

The original Plinko chips still exist

Plinko is a unique and special game that initially used ten chips in its early versions. These chips still exist to this day. This fact made the game even more enjoyable. These chips were made a very long time ago because they are genuine and have each been featured in The Price is Right on numerous occasions.

To ensure that the game's legacy endures, the staff now carefully guards these chips, which are regarded as an honourable component of the game. Even though each of these chips is special, this does not significantly affect a player's chances of hitting the jackpot.

The game’s name is based on its sound

The sound that the chip makes as soon as it is dropped and begins to fall while striking the pegs is how Plinko got its name. The sound was actually ‘plink’, according to Bob Barker.

The Japanese game ‘Pachinko’ might have been the source of Plinko. Except for the fact that this one may be found in various arcades called Pachinko parlours, it is essentially identical to Plinko. Children misheard the sound as ‘pachink’, which is how Plinko got its name.

Plinko’s gameplay changed

Due to the fact that Plinko has always been popular in Canada, The Price is Right has featured it for many seasons. The majority of games also underwent numerous changes before being adopted by numerous casinos. The glass front was the biggest improvement for Plinko because occasionally the token would fly to the audience when the front side was open.

The biggest Plinko innovations caused a significant change in the game. Being used for online casinos' digital gambling was a significant turn. Bettors can experience the nostalgia brought by this game and enjoy the innovations of the online version. Such features include the changeable number of pegs or pins on the board which gauges the level of difficulty.

Play Plinko

Plinko is a fun and fast-paced game many players enjoy long hours on. Now that you know more about the game with the facts mentioned above, it’s time to try it out and start winning big prizes! Try employing a strategy while you're at it to increase your odds of winning.