Plumbing Trends 2021

Few industries have been immune to the impact of Covid-19 over the past year – and the construction industry is no exception. Construction companies with modern equipment, technology and innovation have increased their market advantage and scheduling software and robots are now commonplace. But here are some of the latest plumbing trends and tech tools that will help you overcome the challenges of the last 12 months while keeping up with customer demands.

Smart Technology With Remote Access

Over the past few years, connectivity has increased to the point where people are able to control a variety of things in their homes using their smartphones. Adjusting the temperature, unlocking the doors, brewing a great cup of coffee are some of the things that are now easily done through remote technology.

Luckily, as professional plumbers, we can use this same technology to make our jobs easier. Water leaks can quickly be identified with sensors and an alert sent to our smartphones so that we can improve our response times. These tech solutions are not a replacement for professional plumbers but are a powerful tool that can aid us and our customers. It is all about providing better service to our clients. 

Smart Plumbing Fixtures

Touchless technology is in high demand and smart plumbing fixtures include smart toilets, bluetooth showerheads, water heaters and more. The growing demand for these items is not just for their novelty value but also for the sanitary benefits they offer. For example, a smartphone toilet offers hands-free flushing and seat closing, which reduces the spread of germs and bacteria. Some models are even self-cleaning.

As a professional plumber, it is important to know the pros and cons of these fixtures so that you are in a position to inform and advise your customers. It is also essential that you are trained in how to properly install, inspect and repair these fixtures.

Greywater Plumbing Trends

Customers today are environmentally conscious and want to find ways to conserve water. Professional plumbers with knowledge about greywater systems will not only be able to help customers reduce water waste and conserve the environment, but also help them save money too.

Help your customers become wise water users by teaching them greywater care techniques such as:

  • Do not store greywater for more than 24 hours
  • Reduce contact with greywater for health and safety
  • Prevent greywater from pooling or running off where it can become a hazard
  • The best greywater system for their home and needs

Becoming trained in greywater systems can help you grow your plumbing business by creating a new stream of revenue.

Customers Reviews And Personalised Experience

The digital world and social media are some of the most important forms of communication today. As  professional plumbers, we not only need to be reliable and honest in our businesses, we also need to be aware of the impact of online reviews and digital marketing.

Customers are tech-savvy and are able to quickly identify service providers that have a good reputation and those that don’t. Look for ways to build brand awareness such as a website, social media accounts and email subscriptions for customers.

Establish and maintain a professional-looking website. It doesn’t have to be complex or have a lot of pages and links. Be sure to include the services you offer and where they can reach you. If you are able to maintain a blog and update it regularly, it can be a great way to draw in new online visitors.

Managing your online reputation should be high on your list of online activities. Track what is being said about your service online and respond diplomatically to any negative feedback. It will reflect better on you if you don’t get drawn into any online debates. Rather, direct the customer to your website or ask them to contact you about their complaint via email or telephone.

Another way to win with digital media is to use it to connect with your clients. Customize your emails and offers to subscribers, and be respectful with your social media posts.

Although staying on top of the plumbing industry’s trends and technology can give you an edge, it is not a replacement for the basic rules of customer service, including:

  • Offer exceptional service
  • Provide a reliable experience
  • Quality workmanship
  • Informing and teaching customers about new products on the market

And don’t forget what we learnt in 2020: Anything can happen. The plumbing trends for 2021 are our guideline for what we all expect to see this year but things can change quickly. It is important to be flexible and adapt fast. Whatever 2021 brings, it is exciting to see the positive way recent advances in technology have affected our industry.

Photo: Pixabay