Preparing for a trip to Ottawa

When it comes to vacationing there is simply no denying that you have a plethora of great destinations to choose from. This is especially true if you are currently residing in Canada. Heck, there is nothing that says you can’t take a trip to Canada if you live in another country. Of course, it will mean more planning and money, but when you see everything that the amazing city of Ottawa has to offer alone it will be more than easy to justify the extra expenses. That being said, traveling out of the country can be scary and terrifying, especially if you have never done it before. Luckily, this guide will provide you with everything that you need to know about venturing into one of the greatest cities on the planet.

Getting You Visa In Check

If you have ever traveled out of the country and are familiar with visas, you are already one step ahead. Unfortunately, if you are not familiar with the process it just means that you might have to start planning a little earlier. Applying and getting approved for a travel permit or visa can take some time, so this is something that you will want to do way ahead of your trip. Luckily, the process in too entirely difficult. In fact, you can simply apply right online in most cases. All you will need to do is visit the official Canadian ETA website and fill out the pertinent information. In most cases, you will also need to give your fingerprints along with a photo, but the whole process is fairly straightforward.

Arriving In The City

Once you have your visa all in check, you will need to figure out just how you are going to arrive in-country. Foreign visitors will basically have three main options available to them. These would be by plane, by bus, or by train. If you are visiting from the US or Alaska your best options would either be by plane or bus. The Macdonald-Cartier International Airport is the main airport of Ottawa and is always more than happy to accommodate most passengers. There are also two other popular airports outside Canada that frequent flyers usually venture to. These would be MCIA Heathrow and the Frankfurt Airports. If you are traveling via bus then you would more than likely land at the Voyageur/Greyhound Terminal.

Keeping Yourself Occupied

Whether you are traveling by plane or bus, you are still going to have some time to kill during your trip. Of course, a plane will get you there faster, but traveling by bus allow you to see more of the countryside, so either option has its ups and downs. It really just depends on the amount of time that you have to kill and how long you plan on staying in the country. That being said, you will need some things to keep your mind occupied while you are traveling. Sure, both planes and buses offer a variety of options to keep you busy, but if you want to make the most of your time you should consider checking out agen sbobet. On this site, you can gamble for real money and potentially earn more funds for your trips.

Making Out Your List Of Things To Do

Of course, you probably already want to have your route all planned out before arriving in the country, but if you don’t that’s okay too. There is still plenty of time. Some of the most common and popular attractions are the Parliament Hill, The Canadian War Museum, the Supreme Court of Canada, Rideau Hall, and the Science and Technology Museum. Parliament Hill is just located right downtown in Ottawa and the building alone is quite a sight. It carries a Gothic architecture that resembles something right out of an art book. In fact, any art lover could spend hours touring and admiring the feat of the building. The War Museum has tons of exciting preserved artifacts from some of the most popular battles fought on Canadian soil as well as other interesting attractions.

Finding A Place To Crash

You are also going to need a place to stay during your travels. The great thing about Ottawa is that they offer a variety of lodging options. You can stay in one of the many luxurious hotels or if you want to save some money, you can check out one of the hostels. Just make sure that you plan in advance because these places can book up rather quickly.