Printing your own products has never been easier

We’ve all spent longer in our homes than ever lately, as life has been anything but business as usual. With all the obstacles and challenges over the last year, it’s nice to hear that some things have become easier to do.

Entrepreneurs and those forging their own path often need support along the way. If you run a small business or you’re an independent artist looking to promote yourself by branding things like t-shirts, mugs and more, you’ll be glad to know about how print on demand fulfillment in Canada works.

Please keep reading to learn more about this service that gives independent businesses a real boost.

Pick A Product

Historically, t-shirts are popular merchandise for branding, but modern print automated software lets you choose from hundreds of different products. Imagine your logo on a mug, tote bag, sandals, and more.

Every business has its own needs — a mug may make perfect sense as a promotional tool for a writer or podcaster, whereas a dog walking company may want their logo on a dog bowl.


Once you decide what type of product you want to sell, you can upload a custom design or use a mockup generator to achieve your own aesthetic quickly and inexpensively. Using the platform's all-in-one online tool, you can view high-quality images of the mockup at a glance and use final printing techniques, such as DTF transfer printing, to make the finished product.


Before you order something in bulk, you need to see it in person and feel it in your hands. Test out different products, and try out different providers. People will associate you and your work with the products you release, so it needs to meet or exceed your standards.

You may like the fabric and texture from one provider more than the other, and this distinction is hard to get a sense of in even the best digital mockup.


Once you’ve finalized your selection, publish it to your online store. When you’re working with a platform that’s integrated with leading ecommerce fronts like Etsy and Shopify, they’ll handle the grunt work while you spend your time and energy making creative decisions.

Grow Your Brand While It Sells

Once you’ve done the first four steps, that’s basically all! You’ll need to make sales and pass a Quality Control test, but then your product gets sent to production before being mailed directly to the customer.

You don’t need to stress about logistics. Just grow your brand and keep producing your craft. People who run small businesses, or artists self-managing their career, don’t have the time, energy, or interest to deal with the details of secondary things.

You probably grew up cherishing a t-shirt or even shoes of your favourite band. Printing is a great way to connect with your fans and supporters and enjoy another revenue stream. There are many great challenges in the world right now for businesses and people alike. At least on-demand printing isn’t one of them.

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